FEDORA-EPEL-2024-826ebed4ec created by robert 4 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

Anope 2.1.3

  • Added alternate command suggestions when a user runs an invalid command.
  • Added support for multiple SSL fingerprints in oper:certfp.
  • Added support for the IRCv3 +draft/channel-context tag.
  • Added support for the IRCv3 +draft/reply tag.
  • Added the chanserv/cert oper privilege for modifying other user’s certificate lists.
  • Allow using more than one fingerprint in an oper block.
  • Changed chanserv/drop to use confirmation codes to confirm a channel drop.
  • Changed networkinfo:chanlen to default to 32 if not set.
  • Changed networkinfo:hostlen to default to 64 if not set.
  • Changed networkinfo:modelistsize to default to 100 if not set.
  • Changed networkinfo:nicklen to default to 31 if not set.
  • Changed networkinfo:userlen to default to 10 if not set.
  • Cleaned up more of the codebase to use Modern C++17.
  • Enabled using more field limits sent by the IRC server instead of requiring the user to configure them.
  • Fixed NickServ lying about the minimum password length.
  • Fixed a crash when sending emails.
  • Fixed bs_kick not using the correct kick message for automatic kicks.
  • Increased the default maximum password length to 50 characters.
  • Increased the default minimum password length to 10 characters.
  • Increased the security of randomly generated confirmation codes.
  • Removed the cs_secure option in module:defaults from the chanserv module (now always enabled).
  • Removed the nickserv/saset/secure command.
  • Removed the nickserv/saset/secure oper privilege.
  • Removed the nickserv/set/secure command.
  • Removed the nickserv/status command.
  • Removed the ns_access module and associated cs_secure and ns_secure options.
  • Removed the ns_secure option in module:defaults from the nickserv module (now always enabled).
  • Reworked how messages are sent in protocol modules to allow sending message tags.

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