FEDORA-EPEL-2023-c71d5cd23e created by remi 11 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

Version 1.16.0

** Bug**

  • [PHPC-2070] - Kerberos on Windows should not pass username to SSPI when password is not set
  • [PHPC-2133] - Cannot build driver with SRV support on FreeBSD
  • [PHPC-2195] - Implicit declaration warnings caused by libmongocrypt-compat header
  • [PHPC-2210] - Fix direct copying of BSON data from Document and PackedArray objects
  • [PHPC-2211] - php_phongo_bson_to_json() does not free intermediary result string
  • [PHPC-2216] - BulkWrite::insert() does not generate _id for Document or PackedArray
  • [PHPC-2220] - ConnectionId returned in heartbeats may be int64
  • [PHPC-2222] - PackedArray::fromPHP returns Document for root=bson type map

** Epic**

  • [PHPC-2214] - Int64 Improvements

** New Feature**

  • [PHPC-324] - Create a BSON document iterator class
  • [PHPC-326] - Document and PackedArray classes to represent raw BSON data
  • [PHPC-1949] - Allow explicit construction of Int64 objects
  • [PHPC-2197] - Support queryable encryption range indexes
  • [PHPC-2203] - Support Queryable Encryption v2 protocol for MongoDB 7.0
  • [PHPC-2212] - Support overloaded operators for Int64 objects
  • [PHPC-2213] - Support casting of Int64 objects to scalar integers

** Task**

  • [PHPC-2035] - Require hello command + OP_MSG when 'loadBalanced=True'
  • [PHPC-2069] - Require hello command for connection handshake to use OP_MSG, disallowing OP_QUERY
  • [PHPC-2163] - Update php-edge-versions latest-stable in Evergreen to PHP 8.2
  • [PHPC-2164] - Refactor to use
  • [PHPC-2200] - Add MongoDB rapid releases to Evergreen matrix
  • [PHPC-2226] - Test against MongoDB 7.0
  • [PHPC-2228] - Upgrade libmongocrypt to 1.8.1
  • [PHPC-2250] - Upgrade libmongoc to 1.24.1
  • [PHPC-2252] - Fix method signature for Serializable::unserialize() implementations

** Improvement**

  • [PHPC-1941] - Use OP_MSG to authenticate if server supports OP_MSG
  • [PHPC-2158] - Cache AWS Credentials Where Possible
  • [PHPC-2165] - Expose server error replies in BulkWriteResult
  • [PHPC-2188] - Permit tlsDisableOCSPEndpointCheck in KMS TLS options
  • [PHPC-2236] - Allow compression libraries to be configured at build time
  • [PHPC-2244] - Return Int64 instances when converting raw BSON objects to PHP values

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