FEDORA-EPEL-2022-f37ca1b24a created by robert 8 months ago for Fedora EPEL 7

Apache Guacamole 1.4.0

User interface / platform

  • Control caching of extension JS/CSS (GUACAMOLE-275)
  • Provide option for broadcasting input events across multiple connections (GUACAMOLE-724)
  • Migrate away from including auth token within REST API URLs (GUACAMOLE-956)
  • Bug: Users/groups with identifiers containing slashes cannot be modified (GUACAMOLE-1261)
  • Automatically enforce request size limits independently of reverse proxy (GUACAMOLE-1298)
  • Bug: Unexpected errors during session expiration may block further expirations (GUACAMOLE-1299)
  • Bug: Connection-specific history sorted in wrong order (GUACAMOLE-1366)
  • Bug: Login appears to succeed if the webapp is entirely down (GUACAMOLE-1384)

Authentication, integration, and storage

  • Ensure logout works as expected when using SSO (GUACAMOLE-680)
  • Allow for clearing TOTP Data in admin interface (GUACAMOLE-770)
  • Bug: Non-DN usernames can no longer be used for search bind DN (GUACAMOLE-944)
  • Provide configuration for filtering LDAP groups (GUACAMOLE-996)
  • Allow QuickConnect extension to block certain parameters (GUACAMOLE-1025)
  • Ignore non-relevant attributes for objects returned by LDAP queries (GUACAMOLE-1130)
  • Bug: User profile information cleared after TOTP enrollment (GUACAMOLE-1199)
  • Move guacamole-auth-json into the main project (GUACAMOLE-1218)
  • Allow NAS IP address to be configured (GUACAMOLE-1252)
  • Allow login with standard username/password when SSO is enabled (GUACAMOLE-1364)
  • Add user-mapping.xml support for simple hashing with SHA-256 (GUACAMOLE-1391)
  • Automatically focus TOTP field (GUACAMOLE-1397)
  • Automatically detect MariaDB / MySQL driver (GUACAMOLE-1407)

Protocol support / guacd

  • Bug: RDP clipboard uses incorrect newline characters (GUACAMOLE-478)
  • Notify connecting client on unrecognized connection ID (GUACAMOLE-1047)
  • Support server control instructions during handshake (GUACAMOLE-1048)
  • Bug: VNC fails to connect to macOS (GUACAMOLE-1133)
  • Add support for connecting to Kubernetes pods using exec (GUACAMOLE-1174)
  • Bug: guacd cannot bind to IPv6 addresses (GUACAMOLE-1190)
  • Disable caches that FreeRDP no longer considers supported (GUACAMOLE-1191)
  • Bug: RDP audio input samples are dropped (GUACAMOLE-1201)
  • Add support for RDP touch events (RDPEI) (GUACAMOLE-1204)
  • Bug: Backslash not properly escaped in server-generated JSON (GUACAMOLE-1215)
  • Add configuration option to specify WOL port (GUACAMOLE-1245)
  • Support libuuid (util-linux) in addition to OSSP UUID (GUACAMOLE-1254)
  • Correct double-free when built against FreeRDP 2.0.0-rc4 (GUACAMOLE-1259)
  • Bug: Double-free may occur upon VNC disconnect (GUACAMOLE-1263)
  • Bug: RDP file uploads may (still) be truncated to 32 bits (GUACAMOLE-1276)
  • Bug: Legacy RDP encryption may fail with ERRINFO_DECRYPT_FAILED (GUACAMOLE-1283)
  • Add support for forcing lossless compression of graphics (GUACAMOLE-1302)
  • Bug: leave_handler is not correctly set (GUACAMOLE-1350)
  • Map “meta” (Windows) key for RDP connections (GUACAMOLE-1386)


  • Update Russian on-screen keyboard to allow input of Latin characters (GUACAMOLE-1055)
  • Add Norwegian keymap for RDP (GUACAMOLE-1064)
  • Update/improve French translation (GUACAMOLE-1160)
  • Add support for Portuguese language (GUACAMOLE-1207)
  • Update/improve Japanese translation (GUACAMOLE-1265)
  • Bug: Dash and underscore in fr-be-azerty layout are swapped (GUACAMOLE-1277)
  • Add support for Korean language (GUACAMOLE-1291)
  • Bug: ”/” key in pt-br-qwerty layout incorrectly recognized as right Shift (GUACAMOLE-1305)
  • Bug: Translation key for pending OpenID Connect redirect is mismatched (GUACAMOLE-1334)
  • Update/improve Spanish translation (GUACAMOLE-1339)


  • Document branding process (GUACAMOLE-747)
  • Add non-nullable modifiers to JSDoc parameter/return types where appropriate (GUACAMOLE-986)
  • Document configuration of client_max_body_size for Nginx (GUACAMOLE-1060)
  • Bug: Typo in documentation of mimetype parameter (GUACAMOLE-1185)
  • Bug: “Verifying” repeatedly misspelled in libguac documentation (GUACAMOLE-1225)
  • Migrate guacamole-manual away from DocBook (GUACAMOLE-1347)
  • Bug: Usage documentation of guacNotification directive is incorrect (GUACAMOLE-1396)

General housekeeping and cleanup

  • Bug: Creation of source .tar.gz fails on platforms with large group IDs (GUACAMOLE-503)
  • Update webapp dependencies to latest stable and compatible versions (GUACAMOLE-773)
  • Bug: Build fails against libvncclient 0.9.7 (GUACAMOLE-1227)
  • Implement VerifyCertificateEx rather than VerifyCertificate (FreeRDP 2.3.1) (GUACAMOLE-1307)
  • Bug: guacamole-client build fails against newer versions of JDK (GUACAMOLE-1317)
  • Bug: Translation files contain unnecessary trailing whitespace (GUACAMOLE-1337)

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