FEDORA-EPEL-2022-8e849710c3 created by robert a year ago for Fedora EPEL 7

libopenmpt 0.6.1 (2022-01-30)

  • [Bug] Linking libmpg123 no longer fails on OpenBSD.
  • [Bug] Possible hang with malformed DMF, DSM, MED, MUS, OKT and SymMOD files containing 65536 or more patterns when destroying the module.
  • [Bug] Avoid NaNs and infinite values with custom tunings and in the I3DL2Reverb plugin.
  • MIDI macros are now evaluated when seeking.
  • The letter “z” is now evaluated in fixed MIDI macros (Z80…ZFF) the same way as in Impulse Tracker.
  • MOD: Loosened VBlank timing heuristics so that “frame of mind” by Dascon plays correctly.
  • MOD: Validate the contents of “hidden” patterns beyond the end of the order list when the file size matches the expected size when only taken “official” patterns into account. This fixes Shofixti Ditty.mod from Star Control 2 while keeping other (partly broken) modules working.
  • MED: Command 20 (reverse sample) is now only applied when it’s next to a note.
  • S3M: Introducing the “Send OPL key-off when triggering notes” compatibility setting broke retrigger for OPL notes again (they retriggered rather than not retriggering).
  • S3M: Retriggering a note no longer resets its pitch after a portamento.
  • S3M: Partially implement retrigger behaviour for stopped notes in SoundBlaster mode: Like in IT, it is not possible to retrigger a sample that has already stopped playing.
  • DIGI: Improve compatibility with E3x reverse sample command.
  • DSym: Tempos < 32 were treated as tempo slides.
  • SymMOD: Key-off command was not implemented properly.

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