FEDORA-EPEL-2022-80d7882145 created by robert 2 years ago for Fedora EPEL 9

liblxi v1.14

  • Add lxi_discover_if() function

    Works exactly like the lxi_discover() function but adds an additional parameter ifname that specifies which network interface to broadcast on in case of using the DISCOVER_VXI11 discovery type.

  • Bypass linking with libtirpc because of bug

    When linking with libtirpc some of the VXI11 connect calls starts failing for some instruments. More investigation is needed to find out exactly why. It may be some regression in the libtirpc Sun RPC implementation. The Sun RPC features have recently been moved out of glibc into libtirpc.

    When we do not link with libtirpc we fallback to using glibc's implementation of the RPC features which seem to work better.

    We will accept this hack for now.

  • Remove include directory

  • Reduce compiler optimization level

  • Introduce proper Avahi timeout handling for mDNS

  • Increase number of allowed concurrent sessions

  • Fix timeout for VXI11 connect

    The VXI11 API does not provide any way to specify a communications timeout when connecting. To fix that we move the VXI11 connect action into a separate thread that is killed if the timeout is reached before the thread exits.

    The old behavior was that the connect action would eventually time out for instruments on known subnets. However, if you tried to connect to an instrument on an unknown subnet it would stall forever.

    This new implementation will respect the timeout for all cases.

  • Replace autotools with meson

  • Added timeout for RAW/TCP connections

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