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Release notes for xrdp v0.9.20 (2022/09/15)

General announcements

  • Running xrdp and xrdp-sesman on separate hosts is still supported by this release, but is now deprecated. This is not secure. A future v1.0 release will replace the TCP socket used between these processes with a Unix Domain Socket, and then cross-host running will not be possible.

New features

  • Mitigation for too fast vertical scroll has been implemented. This is actually not a new feature of xrdp so see also xorgxrdp v0.9.19 release note.

Bug fixes

  • Windows RDS compatibility has been improved, so some old clients (e.g. Wyse Sx0) can now be used again with xrdp in non-TLS mode (#2273)
  • Update xrdpapi simple example to work with new logging (#2276)
  • sesman: fix spacing in log (#2282)
  • Fix MSTSC crashes when resolution is changed by maximizing on a different monitor (#2292 #1928)
  • Mark count with unused attribute (#2353)
  • Simple maintenance improvements (#2354)

Internal changes

  • FreeBSD version for CI bumped to 12-3 (#2226)
  • cppcheck version used for CI bumped to 2.9 (#2351)

Changes for packagers or developers

  • Nothing this time.

Known issues

  • On-the-fly resolution change requires the Microsoft Store version of Remote Desktop client but sometimes crashes on connect (#1869)
  • xrdp's login dialog is not relocated at the center of the new resolution after on-the-fly resolution change happens (#1867)

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