FEDORA-EPEL-2022-5eb3632152 created by bojan 6 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

xorgxrdp v0.9.19

General announcements

You might be surprised that xorgxrdp version is suddenly jumped from v0.2.18 to v0.9.19. We decided to bump up version from v0.2 to v0.9 to indicate xorgxrdp v0.9 is compatible with xrdp v0.9.

We also made a tag v0.2.19. Both v0.2.19 and v0.9.19 are minor version up from v0.2.18 and identical. For upcoming xorgxrdp v1.0 is not compatible with xrdp v0.9 and is for upcoming xrdp v1.0. New features

Too fast scroll mitigation

Workaround for too fast vertical scrolling on touchpad (#150) has been implemented. Define an environment variable XRDP_XORG_TOUCHPAD_SCROLL_HACK and set to yes, true, on or 1 to mitigate too fast scroll. More specifically, edit xrdp's sesman.ini as following and restart xrdp-sesman.

[SessionVariables] (some existing lines) XRDP_XORG_TOUCHPAD_SCROLL_HACK=yes

This is a temporary workaround and may be removed in future version. What's Changed

  • Fix build break in GitHub workflow by @Nexarian in #213
  • populate DRI2InfoRec driverNames by @akarl10 in #216
  • Update for unification of monitor processing by @Nexarian in #212
  • xrdpdri2.c typo by @akarl10 in #218
  • Add glamor to CI by @matt335672 in #219
  • use damage to track any lost screen changes by @jsorg71 in #186
  • Revert "Update for unification of monitor processing" by @metalefty in #221
  • [v0.9] mouse: workaround for too fast vertical scroll by @metalefty in #229
  • [v0.9] Merge #228 for v0.9 by @metalefty in #230
  • [v0.9] Ignore screen size changes which don't change anything (#203) by @metalefty in #232
  • Bump version to v0.9.19 by @metalefty in #231

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BZ#2125730 xorgxrdp-0.9.19 is available

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