libre-2.1.1-1.el9 and librem-2.0.0-1.el9

FEDORA-EPEL-2022-4d0a0a2a3d created by robert 2 years ago for Fedora EPEL 9

libre v2.1.1 (2022-03-12)

  • mk: fix ABI versioning

libre v2.1.0 (2022-03-11)

  • Tls sipcert per acc
  • ToS for video and sip
  • sdp: in media_decode() reset rdir if port is zero
  • mk/re: add variable length array (-Wvla) compiler warning
  • Macos openssl
  • pkg-config version check
  • sa: add setter and getter for scope id
  • net: in net_dst_source_addr_get() make parameter dst const
  • Avoid ISO C90 forbids mixed declarations and code warnings
  • SIP redirect callbackfunction
  • add secure websocket tls context
  • fmt: add string to bool function
  • fix clang analyze warnings
  • fmt: support different separators for parameter parsing
  • Refactor inet_ntop and inet_pton
  • add essential fields check
  • sa: add support for interface suffix for IPv6ll
  • net: fix net_if_getname IPv6 support
  • udp: add udp_recv_helper
  • sa: fix build for old systems
  • sa/addrinfo: fix openbsd (drop AI_V4MAPPED flag)
  • ci/codeql: add scan-build
  • Fixed debian changelog version
  • IPv6 link local support
  • sip: add fallback transport for transp_find()
  • SIP default protocol
  • remove orphaned files
  • outgoing calls early callid
  • sip: fix possible "???" dns srv queries by skipping lines without srvid
  • odict: hide struct odict_entry
  • tls: add keylogger callback function
  • http/client: support other auth token types besides bearer
  • tls: fix client certificate replacement
  • http/client: support dns ipv6
  • rtp: add payload-type helper
  • sip: check consistency between CSeq method and that of request line
  • Fix win32
  • fix warnings from PVS-Studio C++ static analyzer
  • RTP inbound telephone events should not lead to packet loss
  • support inet6 by default in Win32 project
  • sdp: differentiate between media line disabled or rejected
  • move network check to module
  • odict: move odict_compare from retest to re
  • sip: reuse transport protocol of first request in dialog
  • json: fix parsing json containing only single value
  • ice: fix checklist
  • mk: add compile_commands.json (clang only)
  • sdp: debug print session and media direction
  • add btrace module (linux/unix only)
  • mk: add CC_TEST header check
  • init dst address
  • ice: check if candpair exist before adding
  • mk: add CC_TEST cache
  • btrace: use HAVE_EXECINFO
  • Coverity
  • icem: remove dead code (found by coverity 240639)
  • hash: switch to simpler "fast algorithm"
  • dns: fix dnsc_alloc with IPv6 disabled
  • mk: deprecate HAVE_INET6
  • Fix for btrace print for memory leaks
  • set sdp laddr to SIP src address
  • sdp: include all media formats in SDP offer
  • ci: add centos 7 build test
  • sip: move sip_auth_encode to public api for easier testing
  • sipsess: do not call desc handler on shutdown
  • stream flush rtp socket
  • ci: fix macos openssl build
  • http: HTTP Host header conform to RFC for IPv6 addresses
  • Increased debian compatibility level from 9 to 10
  • mk: move darwin dns LFLAGS to (fixes static builds)
  • build infrastructure: silent and verbose modes
  • mk: use posix regex for sed CC major version detection
  • dns: fix parse_resolv_conf for OpenBSD
  • sip: add optional TCP source port
  • ci: add mingw build and test
  • net: remove net_hostaddr
  • ci/centos7: add openssl
  • hmac: use HMAC() api (fixes OpenSSL 3.0 deprecations)
  • md5: use EVP_Digest for newer openssl versions
  • sha: add new sha1() api
  • OpenSSL 3.0
  • udp: add win32 qos support
  • ci/mingw: fix dependency checkout
  • ice: remove ice_mode
  • Codeql security
  • aubuf insert auframes sorted
  • ci: add valgrind
  • tls: remove code for openssl 0.9.5
  • ice: remove unused file
  • main: remove obsolete OPENWRT epoll check
  • dns,http,sa: fix HAVE_INET6 off warnings
  • preliminary support for cmake
  • make,cmake: set SOVERSION to major version
  • mk: remove MSVC project files, use cmake instead
  • natbd: remove module (deprecated)
  • sha: remove backup implementation
  • sha,hmac: use Apple CommonCrypto if defined
  • stun: add stun_generate_tid
  • add cmakelint
  • Cmake version
  • cmake: add option to enable/disable rtmp module
  • lock: use rwlock by default
  • cmake: fixes for MSVC 16
  • json: fix win32 warnings
  • ci: add cmake build
  • mqueue: fix win32 warnings
  • tcp: fix win32 warnings
  • cmake: fix target_link_libraries for win32
  • stun: fix win32 warnings
  • udp: fix win32 warnings
  • tls: fix win32 warnings
  • remove HAVE_INTTYPES_H
  • udp: fix win32 warnings
  • cmake: minor fixes
  • cmake: fix MSVC ninja
  • tcp: fix win32 warnings
  • udp: fix win32 msvc warnings
  • rtmp: fix win32 warning
  • bfcp: fix win32 warning
  • tls: fix libressl 3.5
  • fix coverity scan warnings
  • Allow hanging up call that has not been ACKed yet
  • mk,cmake: add backtrace support and fix linking on OpenBSD
  • github: add CMake and Windows workflow
  • Windows (VS 2022/Ninja)
  • cmake: fixes for Android
  • tmr: reuse tmr_jiffies_usec
  • trace: use gettid as thread_id on linux
  • tmr: use CLOCK_MONOTONIC_RAW if defined
  • add atomic support
  • Sonarcloud
  • sip: fix gcc 6.3.0 warning for logical expression
  • add transport-cc rtcp feedback support

librem v2.0.0 (2022-03-12)

  • Restored rgb565 pixel format
  • vid: remove pixel formats RGB555 and RGB565
  • cmake: version 3.7
  • mk: bump dev version
  • au,aulevel: add AUFMT_S32LE
  • aubuf: add aufbuf_resize()
  • cmake: add HAVE_UNISTD_H check
  • cmake: add relative re include dir
  • cmake: minor fixes
  • mk: remove win32 project files
  • cmake: use version 3.10
  • aubuf: fix mem_deref data race with frame_destructor
  • h265: move packetizer from avcodec to rem
  • vidmix: fix source_put data race
  • vidmix: fix possible data race
  • h265: move h265_is_keyframe to rem
  • h265: move from avcodec to rem
  • preliminary support for CMake
  • gitignore: add vim swap and ctags files
  • ci: fix ccheck main repo path
  • aubuf: insert audio frames sorted by timestamp
  • auframe: add auframe_update
  • h264: fix win32 compiler cast warning
  • mk: bump version v1.0.0-dev3
  • Increased debian compatibility level from 9 to 10
  • aubuf: remove aubuf_sort_auframe return comment
  • aubuf: add aubuf_sort_auframe()
  • mk: cleanup cache directory
  • clangd: add config (headers only)
  • git: ignore clangd files
  • Fix win32
  • mk: bump dev version
  • aubuf: add auframe functions
  • add resampler 16<->8 and 32<->16 kHz
  • aumix: add aumix_source_mute
  • update gitignore for visual studio artifacts
  • update PlatformToolset to vs2019
  • mk: replace pkg-config modversion
  • mk: improve dependency
  • mk: ignore dependency check on make clean
  • debian: add pkg-config file
  • ci: remove ubuntu-16.04 test
  • mk: support more locations for libre.pc
  • mk: add librem.pc Makefile dependency
  • mk: add libre version check and pre-release
  • au/fmt: add AUFMT_RAW
  • auframe: use enum aufmt for format
  • auframe: move from baresip
  • h264: add functions from baresip
  • debian: fixes soname pkg build
  • mk: add abi versioning

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