FEDORA-EPEL-2022-3c43a57d41 created by sgallagh a year ago for Fedora EPEL 7

2022.01.05, Version 1.43.0 (Stable), 988f2bfc4defb9a85a536a3e645834c161143ee0

Changes since version 1.42.0:

  • run test named ip6_sin6_len (Jameson Nash)

  • docs: fix wrong information about scheduling (Mohamed Edrah)

  • unix: protect fork in uv_spawn from signals (Jameson Nash)

  • drop only successfully sent packets post sendmmsg (Supragya Raj)

  • test: fix typo in test-tty-escape-sequence-processing.c (Ikko Ashimine)

  • cmake: use standard installation layout always (Sylvain Corlay)

  • win,spawn: allow UNC path with forward slash (earnal)

  • win,fsevent: fix uv_fs_event_stop() assert (Ben Noordhuis)

  • unix: remove redundant include in unix.h (

  • doc: mark SmartOS as Tier 3 support (

  • doc: fix broken links for netbsd's sysctl manpage (

  • misc: adjust stalebot deadline (

  • test: remove dns-server.c as it is not used anywhere (

  • build: fix non-cmake android builds (

  • doc: replace pyuv with uvloop (

  • asan: fix some tests (

  • build: add experimental TSAN configuration (

  • pipe: remove useless assertion (

  • bsd: destroy mutex in uv__process_title_cleanup() (

  • build: add windows build to CI (

  • win,fs: fix error code in uv_fs_read() and uv_fs_write() ( Sen)

  • build: add macos-latest to ci matrix (

  • udp: fix &/&& typo in macro condition (

  • build: install cmake package module (Petr Menšík)

  • win: fix build for mingw32 (

  • build: fix build failures with MinGW new headers (erw7)

  • build: fix win build with cmake versions before v3.14 (

  • unix: support aarch64 in uv_cpu_info() (

  • linux: work around CIFS EPERM bug (

  • sunos: Oracle Developer Studio support (

  • Revert "sunos: Oracle Developer Studio support (

  • sunos: Oracle Developer Studio support (

  • stream: permit read after seeing EOF (

  • thread: initialize uv_thread_self for all threads (

  • kqueue: ignore write-end closed notifications (

  • macos: fix the cfdata length in uv__get_cpu_speed ( Bache)

  • unix,win: add uv_ip_name to get name from sockaddr (

  • win,test: fix a few typos (AJ Heller)

  • zos: use destructor for uv__threadpool_cleanup() ( Zhang)

  • linux: use MemAvailable instead of MemFree (

  • freebsd: call dlerror() only if necessary (

  • bsd,windows,zos: fix udp disconnect EINVAL (

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