FEDORA-EPEL-2022-0db1ad3bb9 created by nphilipp 10 months ago for Fedora EPEL 9

This is a bugfix and enhancement update.

Notable changes:

  • Recognize %{autorelease …} with flags. Previously, the regex only recognized flagless %{autorelease} (if the macro was surrounded by braces). #250
  • Add -n flag to %autorelease. This flag prevents the dist tag macro from being rendered, which is useful if %autorelease is itself used in a macro which is later plugged into Release:, with the dist tag explicitly added. #248
  • Recognize %autorelease outside the Release: field. #255
  • Always bump release if spec file exists. This improves release numbering when spec files can't be parsed in intermediate commits. #247

As always, the update needs to be deployed onto Koji builders before the changes are effective for building your packages using %autorelease and %autochangelog in Fedora Infrastructure. Currently, it is deployed on builders in staging and can be tested there.

The last change in the list affects how releases are numbered: the same package history can now result in a higher release number than with previous versions. If you used %autorelease -b ... to work around this fixed deficiency, you can remove it when building the package after this version of rpmautospec has been deployed into production. However, this will cause release numbers of historical changelog entries with the -b ... offset to be off by that value, rpmautospec can’t retroactively fix this as it doesn’t know the reason why that flag was used in the past. If you don’t like the bad optics of this, you can save the rendered changelog of a prior build to the changelog file in the package repository.

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