FEDORA-EPEL-2022-0a5566d4de created by robert 6 months ago for Fedora EPEL 7

lxi-tools v2.1

  • Remove scpi run commands from file feature

    Retiring this feature as one should use the Lua script feature instead.

  • Fix memory leak in screenshot plugins

  • Add extra features to the SCPI text view context menu

    Add "Clear all" and "Save as.." features.

  • Fix printing of sent SCPI command when using TCP/RAW

    A redundant newline is removed.

  • Improve SCPI send button state change

  • Fix

  • Prefix SCPI messages with timestamp, IP, and type

    Allow prefixing SCPI messages with timestamp, IP, and type (REQ/RSP). Add preference settings accordingly.

    Prefixing with IP is default.

  • Rename from metainfo to appdata because of meson

  • Update application meta file

  • Update AppData path

  • Fix psu data log test

  • meson: Require dependencies

  • Add doc section to README

  • Fix memory allocation and GUI update outside of main thread (macOS compatibility)

lxi-tools v2.0

  • New lxi-gui application with many new features

    Too many changes to list here. See git history for complete list of changes.

  • Replace autotools with meson

  • Pass id to screenshot plugins

  • Do not exit when screenshot plugin fails

  • Rename lxi option -s / --script to -f / --file

  • Add lua clock API

    Add lua clock API for measuring elapsed time:

    • c = clock_new() - Returns new clock
    • time = clock_read(c) - Returns elapsed time in seconds since first read call
    • clock_reset(c) - Resets clock time
    • clock_free(c) - Releases clock handle

    First time clock_read() is called on a new clock it will return a time of 0 seconds and the clock will start running.

    This clock API is useful for time stamping data as it is retrieved from an instrument.

  • Replace Travis wth CircleCI

    Travis is no longer free for open source projects!

    CircleCI seems to be the new king for quick open source CI.

  • Add Rigol DM3058 to instrument list

  • Add screenshot plugin for tek 3000 series

  • Added Rigol DL3021 to list of supported devices

  • Added screenshot support for Rigol DL3000 series programmable DC load

  • Changed screenshot dg4000 regex to also match dg1000z series

  • Added Keysight MSOX 6004A to list of supported device

  • Added Rohde & Schwarz NGE 100 to list of supported devices

    Tested discovery, a few SCPI commands (IDN?, MEAS?, MEAS:CURR?) and screenshot with the power supply R&S NGE 103B (NGE100 3-channels model). All works fine.

  • Added Rohde & Schwarz RTM 3004 to list of supported devices

  • Added Tek MDO3024, 4 Series and 5 Series as compatible

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