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BeautifulSoup 4.4.1 (20150928)

  • Fixed a bug that deranged the tree when part of it was removed. Thanks to Eric Weiser for the patch and John Wiseman for a test. [bug=1481520]

  • Fixed a parse bug with the html5lib tree-builder. Thanks to Roel Kramer for the patch. [bug=1483781]

  • Improved the implementation of CSS selector grouping. Thanks to Orangain for the patch. [bug=1484543]

  • Fixed the test_detect_utf8 test so that it works when chardet is installed. [bug=1471359]

  • Corrected the output of Declaration objects. [bug=1477847]

BeautifulSoup 4.4.0 (20150703)

Especially important changes

  • Added a warning when you instantiate a BeautifulSoup object without explicitly naming a parser. [bug=1398866]

  • __repr__ now returns an ASCII bytestring in Python 2, and a Unicode string in Python 3, instead of a UTF8-encoded bytestring in both versions. In Python 3, __str__ now returns a Unicode string instead of a bytestring. [bug=1420131]

  • The text argument to the find_* methods is now called string, which is more accurate. text still works, but string is the argument described in the documentation. text may eventually change its meaning, but not for a very long time. [bug=1366856]

  • Changed the way soup objects work under copy.copy(). Copying a NavigableString or a Tag will give you a new NavigableString that's equal to the old one but not connected to the parse tree. Patch by Martijn Peters. [bug=1307490]

  • Started using a standard MIT license. [bug=1294662]

  • Added a Chinese translation of the documentation by Delong .w.

New features

  • Introduced the select_one() method, which uses a CSS selector but only returns the first match, instead of a list of matches. [bug=1349367]

  • You can now create a Tag object without specifying a TreeBuilder. Patch by Martijn Pieters. [bug=1307471]

  • You can now create a NavigableString or a subclass just by invoking the constructor. [bug=1294315]

  • Added an exclude_encodings argument to UnicodeDammit and to the Beautiful Soup constructor, which lets you prohibit the detection of an encoding that you know is wrong. [bug=1469408]

  • The select() method now supports selector grouping. Patch by Francisco Canas [bug=1191917]

Bug fixes

  • Fixed yet another problem that caused the html5lib tree builder to create a disconnected parse tree. [bug=1237763]

  • Force object_was_parsed() to keep the tree intact even when an element from later in the document is moved into place. [bug=1430633]

  • Fixed yet another bug that caused a disconnected tree when html5lib copied an element from one part of the tree to another. [bug=1270611]

  • Fixed a bug where Element.extract() could create an infinite loop in the remaining tree.

  • The select() method can now find tags whose names contain dashes. Patch by Francisco Canas. [bug=1276211]

  • The select() method can now find tags with attributes whose names contain dashes. Patch by Marek Kapolka. [bug=1304007]

  • Improved the lxml tree builder's handling of processing instructions. [bug=1294645]

  • Restored the helpful syntax error that happens when you try to import the Python 2 edition of Beautiful Soup under Python 3. [bug=1213387]

  • In Python 3.4 and above, set the new convert_charrefs argument to the html.parser constructor to avoid a warning and future failures. Patch by Stefano Revera. [bug=1375721]

  • The warning when you pass in a filename or URL as markup will now be displayed correctly even if the filename or URL is a Unicode string. [bug=1268888]

  • If the initial <html> tag contains a CDATA list attribute such as 'class', the html5lib tree builder will now turn its value into a list, as it would with any other tag. [bug=1296481]

  • Fixed an import error in Python 3.5 caused by the removal of the HTMLParseError class. [bug=1420063]

  • Improved docstring for encode_contents() and decode_contents(). [bug=1441543]

  • Fixed a crash in Unicode, Dammit's encoding detector when the name of the encoding itself contained invalid bytes. [bug=1360913]

  • Improved the exception raised when you call .unwrap() or .replace_with() on an element that's not attached to a tree.

  • Raise a NotImplementedError whenever an unsupported CSS pseudoclass is used in select(). Previously some cases did not result in a NotImplementedError.

  • It's now possible to pickle a BeautifulSoup object no matter which tree builder was used to create it. However, the only tree builder that survives the pickling process is the HTMLParserTreeBuilder ('html.parser'). If you unpickle a BeautifulSoup object created with some other tree builder, soup.builder will be None. [bug=1231545]

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