FEDORA-EPEL-2019-4e0d64271d created by robert a year ago for Fedora EPEL 6

librsync 2.0.2

  • Improve CMake install paths configuration and platform support checking when cross-compiling.

  • Fix Unaligned memory access for rs_block_sig_init()

  • Fix hashtable_test.c name collision for key_t in sys/types.h on some platforms

  • Format code with consistent style, adding make tidy and make tidyc targets for reformating code and comments.

  • Removed perl as a build dependency. Note it is still required for some tests.

  • Update RPM spec file for v2.0.2 and fix cmake man page install.

librsync 2.0.1

  • Extensively reworked Doxygen documentation, now available at http://librsync.sourcefrog.net/

  • Removed some declarations from librsync.h that were unimplemented or no longer ever useful: rs_work_options, rs_accum_value. Remove declaration of unimplemented rs_mdfour_file().

  • Remove shipped snprintf code: no longer acutally linked after changing to CMake, and since it's part of C99 it should be widely available.

  • Document that Ninja (http://ninja-build.org/) is supported under CMake. It's a bit faster and nicer than Make.

  • make check (or ninja check etc) will now build and run the tests. Previously due to a CMake limitation, make test would only run existing tests and could fail if they weren't built.

  • Added cmake options to exclude rdiff target and compression from build. See install documentation for details.

  • popt is only needed when rdiff is being built.

  • Improved large file support for platforms using different variants of fseek (fseeko, fseeko64, _fseeki64), fstat (fstat64, _fstati64), and fileno (_fileno).

  • rdiff -s option now shows bytes read/written and speed. For delta operations it also shows hashtable match statistics.

  • Running rdiff should not overwrite existing files (signatures, deltas and new patched files) by default. If the destination file exists, rdiff will now exit with an error. Add new option -f (--force) to overwrite existing files.

  • Improve signature memory allocation (doubling size instead of calling realloc for every sig block) and added support for preallocation. See streaming.md job->estimated_signature_count for usage when using the library. rdiff uses this by default if possible.

  • Significantly tidied signature handling code and testing, resulting in more consistent error handling behaviour, and making it easier to plug in alternative weak and strong sum implementations. Also fixed "slack delta" support for delta calculation with no signature.

  • stdint.h and inttypes.h from C99 is now required. Removed redundant librsync-config.h header file.

  • Lots of small fixes for windows platforms and building with MSVC.

  • New open addressing hashtable implementation that significantly speeds up delta operations, particularly for large files. Also fixed degenerate behaviour with large number of duplicate blocks like runs of zeros in sparse files.

  • Optional support with cmake option for using libb2 blake2 implementation. Also updated included reference blake2 implementation with bug fixes,

  • Improved default values for input and output buffer sizes. The defaults are now --input-size=0 and --output-size=0, which will choose recommended default sizes based on the --block-size and the operation being performed.

  • Fixed hanging for truncated input files. It will now correctly report an error indicating an unexpected EOF was encountered.

  • Fixed #13 so that faster slack delta's are used for signatures of empty files.

  • Fixed #33 so rs_job_iter() doesn't need calling twice with eof=1. Also tidied and optimized it a bit.

  • Fixed #55 remove excessive rs_fatal() calls, replacing checks for programming errors with assert statements. Now rs_fatal() will only be called for rare unrecoverable fatal errors like malloc failures or impossibly large inputs.

librsync 2.0.0

Note: despite the major version bump, this release has few changes and should be binary and API compatible with the previous version.

  • Bump librsync version number to 2.0, to match the library soname/dylib version.

librsync 1.0.1

  • Better performance on large files.

  • Add comment on usage of rs_build_hash_table(), and assert correct use. Callers must call rs_build_hash_table() after loading the signature, and before calling rs_delta_begin().

  • Switch from autoconf to CMake.

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