• There is a new option in config config_opts['chrootgroup'], which allows you to change name of group inside of chroot.
  • Any key for config_opts you specify with 'bootstrap_*' will be copied to bootstrap config e.g., config_opts['bootstrap_system_yum_command'] = '/usr/bin/yum-deprecated' will become config_opts['system_yum_command'] = '/usr/bin/yum-deprecated' for bootstrap config.
  • There are three new default: config_opts['bootstrap_chroot_additional_packages'] = [] config_opts['bootstrap_module_enable'] = [] config_opts['bootstrap_module_install'] = [] This will not install any additional packages or modules into bootstrap chroot.
  • Mock now recognize DeskOS.
  • Previously when config_opts['rpmbuild_networking'] was enabled we passed --private-network to systemd-nspawn. However that lead there was no default route. And you cannot bind() UDP socket to all IP addresses and then join multicast group, without having default route. Now we do onot add --private-network to systemd-nspawn, instead we setup network namespace ourselves and we also add default route pointing to loopback interface (only interface in the new namespace). This feature introduce new dependency on pyroute2.


  • Delete rootdir as well when calling clean. In case one overrides the rootdir option, and the rootdir is located outside of basedir, it was not cleaned up when calling --clean. Fix this case by checking if the rootdir is outside basedir. If that is the case, run an extra rmtree() on it.
  • Choose good symbolic link of default.cfg on Mageia.
  • Ccache is now mounted to /var/tmp as /tmp gets over-mounted with tmpfs when system-nspawn is used.
  • Output of --debug-config is now sorted.
  • Use primary key for Fedora 27+ on s390x.

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