FEDORA-EPEL-2016-e327d033b8 created by robert 6 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

lrzip 0.616

  • Making things more homogeneous in checks, some space removed
  • Simplifying and refactoring logic, alignment edits, empty semantic rewire
  • Target directories must always exist and -f should not create them
  • Deferring output directory after -f check has taken place
  • Preserve extraction semantics without resorting to tar stripping
  • Making sure last forward slash is removed from input path
  • Removing pointless forced overwrite point check

lrzip 0.615

  • Adjusting -O flag semantics, options help update
  • Making -O flag operative for lrztar, whitespace path fix, lrzuntar fix, other minor
  • Further tighten up ram restrictions with stdin/stdout to prevent running out of memory with all the buffers involved
  • Massive files fail with -U due to trying to allocate the whole lot in ram while doing checksums. Do it piecemeal to avoid the problem. Patch and debugging courtesy of Adam Tkáč
  • We have to run through the clear buffer function even for empty buffers or corrupt archives with empty match streams
  • MD5 code uses little endian so remove arbitrary SWAP macro and explicitly use htole32
  • Rewrite the magic if we receive lzma properties and have not yet written them yet during stdout operation
  • Set the control lzma properties only once
  • Add a control lock mutex for protecting certain control variables
  • Fix stdin fake mremap creating null bytes on osx, patch courtesy of John Boyle
  • Cache frequently used indirectly referenced variables in the sliding mmap code
  • Micro-optimise sliding_get_sb_range
  • A fix for a bug where large files containing the same non-zero bytes which requires a sliding window, courtesy of Serge Belyshev
  • Put vchar should take a 64 bit integer and is used from more than one call site so uninline it
  • Microoptimise in hash_search
  • Inline rzip functions used from only one caller
  • Check for successful calloc of hash table only after performing it
  • stdin_eof is just a bool
  • hash_bits can only be up to 64 so use a char type
  • Check endianness of build with autotools to enable md5 support on more platforms

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This update has been submitted for stable by robert.

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BZ#1154614 Please update lrzip to 0.616 (current 0.614 fails to compress large files with -U)

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