FEDORA-EPEL-2014-0646 created by cicku 10 years ago for Fedora EPEL 6

2014.63 - Wednesday 19 February 2014

  • Fix ~. to terminate a client interactive session after waking a laptop from sleep.

  • Changed port separator syntax again, now using host^port. This is because IPv6 link-local addresses use %.

  • Avoid constantly relinking dropbearmulti target, fix "make install" for multi target.

  • Avoid getting stuck in a loop writing huge key files.

  • Don't link dropbearkey or dropbearconvert to libz or libutil.

  • Fix linking -lcrypt on systems without /usr/lib.

  • Avoid crash on exit due to cleaned up keys before last packets are sent.

  • Fix a race condition in rekeying where Dropbear would exit if it received a still-in-flight packet after initiating rekeying. Reported by Oliver Metz. This is a longstanding bug but is triggered more easily since 2013.57

  • Fix README for ecdsa keys.

  • Ensure that generated RSA keys are always exactly the length requested. Previously Dropbear always generated N+16 or N+15 bit keys.

  • Fix DROPBEAR_CLI_IMMEDIATE_AUTH mode which saves a network round trip if the first public key succeeds. Still not enabled by default, needs more compatibility testing with other implementations.

  • Fix for port 0 forwarding in the client and port forwarding with Apache MINA SSHD.

  • Fix for bad system linux/pkt-sched.h header file with older Linux kernels

  • Fix signal handlers so that errno is saved.

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