php53-mapi-7.0.8-1.el5 and zarafa-7.0.8-1.el5

FEDORA-EPEL-2012-6235 created by robert 11 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.8 final [35178]


This is a recommended upgrade for 7.0.7 users. Also various community reported issues from IRC and forum were resolved along with a customer requested feature. The minor feature additions in this release are; a stmp header is added to emails that are forwarded, replied or redirected via a rule. And changed the deletion of orphaned stores. They are no longer kept for the duration of the soft delete retention time, it will now be deleted at the next soft delete purge. Also the spooler will now log the message ID that it will receive when it is handed over to the smtp server.


  • ZCP-10156: does not install zarafa-contacts.
  • ZCP-10007, ZCP-9948: Zarafa-backup tool will give error when you have item with a new line in the subject.
  • ZCP-9918, ZCP-9900: Zarafa-backup and Zarafa-restore may crash when index file contains an empty line.
  • ZCP-9876, ZCP-9370: Check if TEMP has enough space when upgrading Zarafa 6.x to 7.x.
  • ZCP-10022, ZCP-10013: '-C' option is missing from archiver man page.
  • ZCP-9893, ZCP-9872: Update copyright year.
  • ZCP-9873, ZCP-8634: Kerberos documentation no longer up to date for Samba 3.4 and newer.
  • ZCP-10039, ZCP-9771: First occurrence still visible in caldav after creating a recurrence which does not occur on the creation date.
  • ZCP-9895, ZCP-9870: Indexer parser script can give errors on RPM based distributions.
  • ZCP-10077, ZCP-9945: Zarafa-mr-accept still has copyright year 2011.
  • ZCP-9967, ZCP-9303: Let the Zarafa-mr-accept script reply in localised response message.
  • ZCP-9877, ZCP-9829: Optimize-imap script per user.
  • ZCP-9303: Let the Zarafa-mr-accept script reply in localised response message.
  • ZCP-9866, ZCP-9551: Zarafa-admin --user-count doesn't show correct numbers after adding CALs and restarting licensed.
  • ZCP-10003, ZCP-9932: The ZMT uses too much memory (when migratin from Scalix) which causes the Scalix connecto to throw a CMemoryException, which is caught nowhere.
  • ZCP-9974, ZCP-9960: The ZMT should support Zarafa -> Exchange migration.
  • ZCP-10084, ZCP-9983: Syntax error on msr
  • ZCP-9946, ZCP-9419: Zarafa-msr does not exit when multiple threads were running.
  • ZCP-10092: setAllExceptionRecipients loops forever in class.recurrence.php causing high load in apache.
  • ZCP-9941, ZCP-9907: Fix MAPI error code definitions.
  • ZCP-10100, ZCP-9424: Log users that are being looked for in LDAP.
  • ZCP-10094, ZCP-10024: Error in LDAP paged search request, can lead to deletion of users/companies.
  • ZCP-10026, ZCP-9997: The changes filter is wrong when an add, change or flag change and a softdelete for the same object are returned in the same list of changes.
  • ZCP-9995, ZCP-9984: Offline database upgrade is showing confusing message in German.
  • ZCP-9929, ZCP-9795: Zarafa-fsck reports invalid property on recurrent calendar items created on iPhone.
  • ZCP-9928, ZCP-9727: Zarafa-fsck wants to remove distribution list.
  • ZCP-9927, ZCP-9880: Hosted db plugin sendas rights removed after user deletion.
  • ZCP-9926, ZCP-9911: Invalid user data in cache and returned from getuserobjects.
  • ZCP-9909, ZCP-9632: Remove some lines in 7 upgrade procedure in the Zarafa-server as it will confuse user.
  • ZCP-9841, ZCP-9261: Attachments only get a recordkey after the container message and the attachment are reopened.
  • ZCP-9711, ZCP-9705: Deadlocks can easily occur in the search code when search folders with adjecent hierarchy ids's are populated simultaneously.
  • ZCP-10045, ZCP-9512: Segfault zarafa-server 6.40.14.
  • ZCP-9896, ZCP-9722: Add the ability to hard delete orphan stores directly (bypassing the soft delete system).
  • ZCP-9692: Server sends wrong data to spooler, forcing the spooler to reconnect.
  • ZCP-10095, ZCP-9989: PR_MESSAGE_FLAGS present on folders causes ICS issues.
  • ZCP-10086, ZCP-9934: Zarafa-client-update daily crontab deletes client update msi's.
  • ZCP-10033: Unable to create companies due to incorrect table definitions.
  • ZCP-9978, ZCP-9957: archiver test leave lingering properties.
  • ZCP-9940, ZCP-9923: ECsIndexProp should initialize all variable on the right way.
  • ZCP-9897, ZCP-9391: Project: Folder counters out of range repair functionality.
  • ZCP-9875, ZCP-9842: Russian text breaks in meeting request.
  • ZCP-9814, ZCP-9329: Zarafa-admin is unable to request updated quota information.
  • ZCP-10076, ZCP-10055: Zarafa-spooler segfault 7.0.7.
  • ZCP-9935: Add SMTP header indicating that an email was sent because of some reply/forward type rule.
  • ZCP-9863, ZCP-9838: Add logging to spooler what will report that email is actually accepted by smtp server.


  • ZCP-10080, ZCP-10004: Patch PHP 5.4 compatible webaccess.
  • ZCP-10047, ZCP-9850: Script error in IE when opening attach item window.
  • ZCP-9865, ZCP-9846: Recurring reminder not shown on the reminder time.

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