php53-mapi-7.0.1-1.el5 and zarafa-7.0.1-1.el5

FEDORA-EPEL-2011-4154 created by robert 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.1 Final [28479]


  • Upstream disabled IMAP and POP3 by default in this version. If you want your users to have IMAP access be sure to enable this again in the server.cfg.
  • The Open Source Edition of the Zarafa Collaboration Platform 7.0.1 is the first version which ships zarafa-archiver to decrease the size of a production Zarafa server by copying or moving the messages to a secondary Zarafa server. Clients will still be able to open the message from the secondary Zarafa server directly.


  • Fix #7900: Comment in server.cfg about disabled_features is wrong "Default all features are enabled".
  • Fix #7935: Pop3 is not a default disabled feature.
  • Fix #7934: man page zarafa-server.cfg has an empty default for disabled_features.
  • Fix #7930: Stores not created in German when you set userscript locale to de_DE.UTF-8 in /etc/default/zarafa.
  • Fix #7881: LMTP accepts DATA even with no RCPT's.
  • Fix #7936: Unix plugin doesn't accept unicode characters.
  • Fix #7470: LDAP query conflicts sometimes with users/contacts.
  • Fix #7268: Sub folders of the public folders will remain in English.
  • Fix #7546: AB provider should SetProviderUID for the EMSMDB section.
  • Fix #7598: Deadlock on syncedmessages table when there is a large changes table.
  • Fix #7657: Blackberry Enterprise Server 5.0.3 doesn't work with Zarafa.
  • Fix #7658: PR_COUNTER_UNREAD out of range.
  • Fix #7693: Sending meeting request from public folder will bounce.
  • Fix #7717: bes (probably) causes sql error in getReceiveFolder.
  • Fix #7732: Dagent will stop accepting email in lmtp after getting email for group without members.
  • Fix #7737: Zarafa-gateway RC2 segfault with imapsync.
  • Fix #7740: Segfault zarafa-ical 6.40.8.
  • Fix #7743: zarafa archiver error detach archive of non-existing store.
  • Fix #7744: us-ascii as default charset maybe insufficient.
  • Fix #7750: invalid memory access in isrtf(plain/html) and ECParseOneOff.
  • Fix #7753: The archiver can fail for unclear reasons.
  • Fix #7755: GetServerDetails 'fails' when invalid flags are passed.
  • Fix #7756: licensed will give errors when ssl is configured wrong.
  • Fix #7758: Zarafa-ical segfault when connecting to ical via a browser.
  • Fix #7763: spell mistake in force resync option.
  • Fix #7767: segfault in zarafa-backup with one user.
  • Fix #7769: message with a specific receiver in CC doesn't sent a oof response back.
  • Fix #7770: Out of office may not work correctly in multiserver environment.
  • Fix #7779: Email sent via SMTP and IMAP will not get visible on the Blackberry.
  • Fix #7781: g++ 4.6.x compile problems.
  • Fix #7782: Indexer does not index stubbed archived messages.
  • Fix #7787: HTML entities are parsed too slow.
  • Fix #7788: IMAP/POP3 should be by default disabled and not enabled.
  • Fix #7796: Add zarafa-server option --force-database-upgrade to manpage.
  • Fix #7809: Blackberry cannot see meeting requests.
  • Fix #7812: opensuse build has patches we can merge.
  • Fix #7818: dagent sometimes delivers mail in spam folder even if the spam header is absent.
  • Fix #7822: Server sends corrupt stream if the database is inconsistent.
  • Fix #7825: korean charset alias not supported.
  • Fix #7852: imap can access invalid memory when receiving invalid fetch command.


  • Feature #5513 WA: links and email addresses in html mails are not "linkified" (plain text works).
  • Fix #7942: Fix meeting request class to only set ResponseStatus property when user has really processed it.
  • Fix #7941: Opening WebAccess in two tabs creates conflicting Ids in the webclient.
  • Fix #7878: Opening meeting request causes error in webapp.
  • Fix #7855: Calendar, notes and contact folder are shown as email folder.
  • Fix #7793: Month and day names are not translated in 7.0.0 when sending task request in finish.
  • Fix #7878: Opening meeting request causes error in webapp.
  • Fix #7816: WebAccess uses "archived" icon for Drafts saved from WebApp.
  • Fix #7464: Reminders of older recurrent items pop-up after you delete an occurrence in the future.
  • Fix #7780: Wizard rules created with the webaccess will sometimes dissappear after saving a new rule.

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