FEDORA-EPEL-2011-3154 created by robert 12 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

This update includes the following upstream fixes and changes:

2010.11.09 -- Version 2.1.4

  • Fix problem with special case route targets ('remote_host'): The init_route() function will leave &netlist untouched for get_special_addr() routes ("remote_host" being one of them). netlist is on stack, contains random garbage, and netlist.len will not be 0 - thus, random stack data is copied from[] until the route_list is full. Thanks to Teodo MICU and Gert Doering for finding and fixing this issue.

2010.08.20 -- Version 2.1.3

  • Windows build fixes: Attempt to fix issue where domake-win build system was not properly signing drivers and .exe files. This change is only affecting the Windows build scripts and not the OpenVPN code base.

2010.08.09 -- Version 2.1.2

  • Windows security issue: Fixed potential local privilege escalation vulnerability in Windows service. The Windows service did not properly quote the executable filename passed to CreateService. A local attacker with write access to the root directory C:\ could create an executable that would be run with the same privilege level as the OpenVPN Windows service. However, since non-Administrative users normally lack write permission on C:\, this vulnerability is generally not exploitable except on older versions of Windows (such as Win2K) where the default permissions on C:\ would allow any user to create files there. Credit: Scott Laurie, MWR InfoSecurity
  • Added Python-based based alternative build system for Windows using Visual Studio 2008 (in win directory).
  • When aborting in a non-graceful way, try to execute do_close_tun in init.c prior to daemon exit to ensure that the tun/tap interface is closed and any added routes are deleted.
  • Fixed an issue where AUTH_FAILED was not being properly delivered to the client when a bad password is given for mid-session reauth, causing the connection to fail without an error indication.
  • Don't advance to the next connection profile on AUTH_FAILED errors.
  • Fixed an issue in the Management Interface that could cause a process hang with 100% CPU utilization in --management-client mode if the management interface client disconnected at the point where credentials are queried.
  • Fixed an issue where if reneg-sec was set to 0 on the client, so that the server-side value would take precedence, the auth_deferred_expire_window function would incorrectly return a window period of 0 seconds. In this case, the correct window period should be the handshake window period.
  • Modified ">PASSWORD:Verification Failed" management interface notification to include a client reason string: ">PASSWORD:Verification Failed: 'AUTH_TYPE' ['REASON_STRING']"
  • Enable exponential backoff in reliability layer retransmits.
  • Set socket buffers (SO_SNDBUF and SO_RCVBUF) immediately after socket is created rather than waiting until after connect/listen.
  • Management interface performance optimizations:
    • Added env-filter MI command to perform filtering on env vars passed through as a part of --management-client-auth
    • man_write will now try to aggregate output into larger blocks (up to 1024 bytes) for more efficient i/o
  • Fixed minor issue in Windows TAP driver DEBUG builds where non-null-terminated unicode strings were being printed incorrectly.
  • Fixed issue on Windows with MSVC compiler, where TCP_NODELAY support was not being compiled in.
  • Proxy improvements:
    • Improved the ability of http-auth "auto" flag to dynamically detect the auth method required by the proxy.
    • Added http-auth "auto-nct" flag to reject weak proxy auth methods.
    • Added HTTP proxy digest authentication method.
    • Removed extraneous openvpn_sleep calls from proxy.c.
  • Implemented http-proxy-override and http-proxy-fallback directives to make it easier for OpenVPN client UIs to start a pre-existing client config file with proxy options, or to adaptively fall back to a proxy connection if a direct connection fails.
  • Implemented a key/value auth channel from client to server.
  • Fixed issue where bad creds provided by the management interface for HTTP Proxy Basic Authentication would go into an infinite retry-fail loop instead of requerying the management interface for new creds.
  • Added support for MSVC debugging of openvpn.exe in "# Build debugging version of openvpn.exe", "!define PRODUCT_OPENVPN_DEBUG"
  • Implemented multi-address DNS expansion on the network field of route commands: When only a single IP address is desired from a multi-address DNS expansion, use the first address rather than a random selection.
  • Added --register-dns option for Windows.
  • Fixed some issues on Windows with --log, subprocess creation for command execution, and stdout/stderr redirection.
  • Fixed an issue where application payload transmissions on the TLS control channel (such as AUTH_FAILED) that occur during or immediately after a TLS renegotiation might be dropped.
  • Added warning about tls-remote option in man page.

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