FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2489 created by epienbro 14 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Update to version 0.6.1. This is a bugfix release containing the following fixes: * Added a hack which should prevent a crash on startup which several Mac OS X users were having * An error message could get shown when trying to remove both an collection and a file within that specific collection at the same time. Fixed * Files which are downloaded, but not yet decoded could remain stuck in the 'Waiting for decoding' state. Fixed * When adding files using the NNTPGrab Server which are smaller than 1024 bytes, an error message could get shown in the frontend. Fixed * The download queue could get suspended when having multiple servers and all the items in the download queue aren't available on one of those servers. Fixed * When an connection error occurs while downloading, the download queue could end up in an undefined state. Fixed * When a collection doesn't contain any PAR2 files, no automatic unpack would happen. Fixed * Also try to unpack .001 files when these are RAR archives * Fixed a possible crash or strange behaviour when trying to remove files from the download queue while other files are being downloaded * When a read timeout occurs on all active connections at the same time, the download queue could get suspended even when there still are tasks remaining. Fixed * Disabled the automatic import options in the GUI for Mac OS X as this feature isn't implemented yet for Mac OS X environments * Fixed various small memory leaks

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