zarafa-6.30.12-1.el5 and zarafa-webaccess-6.30.12-1.el5

FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2462 created by robert 13 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Changes in Zarafa 6.30.12 final [19435]

Backend: - Fix: users with a client 6.30.4 or earlier connecting to a server 6.30.11 or later can experience disappearing attachments. - Fix: Some issues with the zarafa-spooler that only surface in rare occasions.

Changes in Zarafa 6.30.11 final [18984]

Backend: - Feature: 'Received' headers missing from pop3/imap responses. - Fix: Store deleted when you lost the connection with ldap or missing details.(Rare occasion) - Fix: Marking multiple emails via imap as read doesn't work. - Fix: Email can't be delivered to numeric username, which is the same value as the uidNumber of another user. - Fix: Read receipt from Kerio mail server will result in fallback delivery email in Zarafa. - Fix: Zarafa fsck is removing email in searchfolders. - Fix: Able to create users with the same username with DB plug-in. - Fix: Ical: meeting request does not get received. - Fix: MySql <=4 doesn't like trailing 0x20 bytes trailing binary data. - Fix: PR_LOCAL_COMMIT_TIME_MAX is not correctly updated in cache.

Webaccess: - Fix: Context menu on flags will directly dissappear in Firefox 3.5 on Linux desktop (Ubuntu 9.10). - Fix: Read receipt via options won't function due new button in taskbar. - Fix: signature disappears when logging in from other server. - Fix: Attachments get lost when forwarding email from WebAccess. - Fix: Print issues caused by not wrapping of lines in plain text mails. - Fix: Hard to distinguish stores.(added names on delegate stores.) - Fix: Multi user calendar improvements: Names and date move along when scrolling. - Fix: Reminder always showing start date of infinite recurring calendar item. - Fix: Draggin but not dropping results in mails getting lost. - Fix: Mail popup windows open minimized (or in the background) - Fix: Language fix Double capitation in orginal meeting request after update message has been read. - Fix: When for some reason the html tag <script> is inserted in the webaccess signature, the webaccess keeps loading. - Fix: Reply also adds attachments. - Fix: Check names function Olny checks GAB and Contacts. Not extra contact folders. - Fix: No Meeting request update when drag and dropping in the calendar. - Fix: Categories tab is moves incorrectly in a task. - Fix: Can't create items that last until midnight. - Fix: Recurring all day appointment will take current time as start time after save. - Fix: Unable to add attendee in chrome browser. - Fix: WebAccess uses PR_ATTACH_MIME_TYPE for download of attachment. - Fix: Resource duplicated while switching between 'Tracking' and 'Scheduling' tabs.</p></div></script>

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