FEDORA-EPEL-2010-2417 created by jeffg 14 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

Changes in 1.1.0 (Mar 13, 2010) - Added support for multi-threaded decompression using STDIN/pipes - Added code to support throttling compression to prevent memory exhaustion with slow output pipe - Added -m switch to specify max memory usage amount before throttling starts (default 100MB) - Fixed bug that did not allow command line parameters to be used when compressing data from STDIN - Added long options to man page and -h output - Added --loadavg, --read long options - Added support for CPU detection on Win32 - Major improvements to protection of shared variables, error and signal handling, program termination - Added -S switch for thread stack size customization (needs USE_STACKSIZE_CUSTOMIZATION defined when compiling) - Fixed command line parsing bug for -b, -p, -m switches - Fixed infinite loop when fileWriter fails to create output file at start - Fixed bug that deleted input filename (with .bz2 extension for compression and without .bz2 extension for decompression) when a user interrupts process with CTRL-C while outputting to STDOUT - Fixed bug where 0 byte files were not processed properly when data input from STDIN - Ignores fwrite return and passes chown errors in writeFileMetaData if effective uid root - OutputBuffer usage redesigned as fixed-size circular buffer - Lots of minor bugs fixed (see AUTHORS or pbzip2.cpp for full details) - Special thanks to Yavor Nikolov for providing the majority of contributions to this release and a significant amount of testing

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