FEDORA-EPEL-2009-0530 created by robert 14 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

New in v0.6.05 (2009/08/28)

Merged in ~l2g/duplicity/test-compat from Larry Gilbert which made the testing compatible across more systems. Also fixed the remaining collectionstest bug which was trying to test with no cache present.

Bugs fixed this release: 407968 GIO backend can't restore 408059 Failure due to _logger.log failure for content with special characters: TypeError decoding Unicode not supported 409593 deja-dup (or duplicity) deletes all signatures 412667 "duplicity remove-older-than" asks for passphrase even though not required 418170 [PATCH] file names longer then 512 symbols are not supported

New in v0.6.04 (2009/08/01)

One major and one minor change. The "No such file or directory" error is bad enough that this should be released quickly. For those of you using encryption, this is not a problem, but for those of you that do not use encryption (--no-encryption), then this will manifest itself if the local cache gets out of sync with the remote store.

Bugs fixed this release: 405734 duplicity fails to restore files that contain a newline character 403790 Backup error: No such file or directory

New in v0.6.03 (2009/07/29)

Lots of small changes and some bug fixes. * Restart error handling has been smoothed out a great deal and it "does what is right" in order to keep going. * Backends are now optional, if they fail an Info message is put out to notify of the failure and why. * There was more work on translations and internationalization. Thanks to everyone!

Bugs fixed this release: 377528 --file-to-restore doesn't work with trailing slash 394757 Backend imports should be made optional 398230 Deja-dup backup fails with message: "Unable to locate last file" 401303 0.6.2 manpage inconsistent wrt. archive-dir/name 405646 Small i18n error 405975 duplicity.gpg.gpg_failed() breaks and spews on GnuPG error 402794 duplicity public-key-only incompatible with gnupg 2.0.11

New in v0.6.02 (2009/07/07)

Duplicity will now remove any spurious files left in the cache from a previous run. This will keep the metadata cache in sync with the remote storage metadata.

Bugs fixed this release: 394629 Hang on first collection-status 379386 Fix 'list-current-files' with missing archive dir 395826 "No such file or directory" when backing up second time 394627 User-friendly archive dir print 388699 Manifest mismatch error

New in v0.6.01 (2009/07/01)

Fixed issues in Checkpoint/Restart: * The --name backupname" option was added to allow the user to separate one archive from another. If not specified, the default is an MD5 hash of the target URL, which should suffice for most uses.

  • The archive_dir (cache) is now stored in a standard location, defaulting to ~/.cache/duplicity. See

  • The interaction between the --archive-dir option and the --name option allows for four possible results for the location of the archive dir.

    • neither specified (default) ~/.cache/duplicity/hash-of-url
    • --archive-dir=~/arch, no --name ~/arch/hash-of-url
    • no --archive-dir, --name=foo ~/.cache/duplicity/foo
    • --archive-dir=~/arch, --name=foo ~/arch/foo
  • duplicity will now copy needed metadata from the remote store to the local cache as needed. This means that the first use after upgraded from 0.5.x will have the metadata copied to the local archive dir in order to sync both.

  • cleanup will now work correctly with the archive dir and separates the local from the remote files.

Bugs fixed this release: * 388034 Unable to backup * 378940 python2-6 issue / UTF-8 charset / Ubuntu 9.04 * 379386 Fix list-current-files w/ missing archive dir * 387102 Asynchronous upload not working properly * 387218 Make scp/ssh into sftp-only backend * 388992 List of Orphaned Files Growing * 392905 NoneType object has no attribute 'startswith' * 393372 Error creating directory * 383412 Add InfoCodes for upload events * 383419 Add gio backend

New in v0.6.00 (2009/06/08)

Checkpoint/Restart capability added. Checkpoint is done at every volume written and Restart is done at start of the next volume in the set. Changes to normal operations include a permanent duplicity archive-dir at ~/.duplicity to save state.

To accomplish this, the signature and archive files in the archive-dir now have three states: 1) temporary until the first volume has been written, 2) partial until the final volume has been written and sent to remote storage, 3) permanent with the same name as always.

Assumptions are made that if a restart is needed, then all arguments are the same as before and that no files have been removed from the file system between runs.

From now on, the --archive-dir option can be used to change the location of the archive dir, but you are responsible for moving the files if you change it.

Other fixes: Unicode filenames in log messages are now OK.

Fixed problem where Cygwin was returning -1 for the hard max open file limit.

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