FEDORA-EPEL-2009-0297 created by robert 14 years ago for Fedora EPEL 5

mksh R39 evolved into these through various means: - Shut up a bogus gcc warning during configuration process - Spell AT&T consistently in the source code - Tweak mksh(1) manual page, from wbx@ and "lewellyn:#ksh" - dot.mkshrc: fix $@ vs. $* mix-up - dot.mkshrc: add DJB cdb hash function - Sync with oksh: fix Vi editing mode word erase handling, again - Skip whitespace between POSIX style shell function name and its definition parentheses during detection if an alias of the same name already exists to be more robust (Debian Closes: #535970) - Build system improvements for ACK and nwcc, both on Debian sid - Fix spelling error in changelog discovered by Lintian - Aligh "set -o nounset" / "set -u" behaviour with future POSIX standard, as discussed with GNU bash maintainers, David Korn from AT&T ksh93, and The Open Group; prompted by use in Debian; Closes: #539538 - add an unsupported way to make printf(1) a builtin - Build system and regression test code and comment improvements: better and more comments matching reality better; more reliability w.r.t. passed CPPFLAGS; more of the MKSH_SMALL changes may be overridden, all of them are now enumerated on the webpage; fixed some breakage; portability - MKSH_NOPWNAM and MKSH_SMALL will now both disable the ~fac/ (homedir) expansion code wholly if defined, not just getpwnam(3) calls - shells without job control no longer define the standard "stop" and "suspend" aliases (they are pointless anyway); regression tests know - use system RCS ID macros on MirBSD if decent enough - shut up bogus gcc 4.5/trunk warnings caused by over-optimisation - restore ANSI C compilability broken in R38 (speed up, even) - use memcpy(3) ipv strlcpy(3) if possible and safe and secure

mksh R38c contains the following fixes: - Fix regression tests on OSes insisting on a shebang (Cygwin) - QNX 6.4.2 ed(1) is said to have the bugs fixed - bugfixes: -DMKSH_BINSHREDUCED can also be given without -DMKSH_SMALL; allow HAVE_REALPATH=x and HAVE_REVOKE=x in the environment to re-enable these even if -DMKSH_SMALL disables them by default, like mknod already did - -DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8=0 skips the environment checks, like -DMKSH_ASSUME_UTF8=1, but disables the utf8-mode - Apply some more KNF – style(9) – to the source; clean it up and further optimise for small size - Fix segfaults caused by missing check for end of input in the tokeniser on "let --" and other input - Make Vi editing mode ^W behave like Emacs mode's - If no killpg(3) is available, use kill(2) and hope it works - -DMKSH_NO_LIMITS skips trying to build the ulimit code

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