FEDORA-2024-2387b610be created by distrobuildsync-eln/ 4 months ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for selinux-policy-40.14-2.eln136.

* Thu Mar  7 2024 Zdenek Pytela <> - 40.14-2
- Update script to check for existing duplicate entries
* Mon Feb 26 2024 Zdenek Pytela <> - 40.14-1
- Allow userdomain get attributes of files on an nsfs filesystem
- Allow opafm create NFS files and directories
- Allow virtqemud create and unlink files in /etc/libvirt/
- Allow virtqemud domain transition on swtpm execution
- Add the swtpm.if interface file for interactions with other domains
- Allow samba to have dac_override capability
- systemd: allow sys_admin capability for systemd_notify_t
- systemd: allow systemd_notify_t to send data to kernel_t datagram sockets
- Allow thumb_t to watch and watch_reads mount_var_run_t
- Allow krb5kdc_t map krb5kdc_principal_t files
- Allow unprivileged confined user dbus chat with setroubleshoot
- Allow login_userdomain map files in /var
- Allow wireguard work with firewall-cmd
- Differentiate between staff and sysadm when executing crontab with sudo
- Add crontab_admin_domtrans interface
- Allow abrt_t nnp domain transition to abrt_handle_event_t
- Allow xdm_t to watch and watch_reads mount_var_run_t
- Dontaudit subscription manager setfscreate and read file contexts
- Don't audit crontab_domain write attempts to user home
- Transition from sudodomains to crontab_t when executing crontab_exec_t
- Add crontab_domtrans interface
- Fix label of pseudoterminals created from sudodomain
- Allow utempter_t use ptmx
- Dontaudit rpmdb attempts to connect to sssd over a unix stream socket
- Allow admin user read/write on fixed_disk_device_t

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