FEDORA-2023-f921d56a34 created by mooninite 7 months ago for Fedora 39

Version 2023.2 (July 21 2023)

  • Implemented: 2FA/TOTP (Time-based One-Time Password) and HOTP (HMAC-based One-Time Password)
  • Implemented: Alfen Eve Charger hardware
  • Implemented: Allow a 'user' with shared devices to set it's own favorite devices
  • Implemented: Custom pages, new Angular template examples
  • Implemented: Custom pages, now need at least a user with Viewer rights
  • Implemented: Enever hardware (Live Dutch Gas/Electricity prices for various providers)
  • Implemented: Enphase, (V7 firmware) added support for enabling/disabling power production
  • Implemented: Device reordering for Users with devices
  • Implemented: Libre Hardware Monitor (Windows System monitor replacement for Open Hardware Monitor)
  • Implemented: LUA: Added name state to devicechanged_ext table
  • Implemented: RFXCom, Updated SDK
  • Implemented: RTL433, Added support for volume_m3 meter
  • Implemented: MQTT-AD, added support for number (config) types
  • Implemented: P1 Meter, added Actual Usage/Delivery (total of L1 + L2 + L3)
  • Implemented: P1 Meter, added calculated kWh devices per phase for usage and delivery
  • Implemented: P1 Meter, new way of displaying returned energy
  • Implemented: Users with admin rights and selected devices will now see only those devices
  • Implemented: Users devices editor, option to remove all nodes/devices
  • Implemented: Visual Crossing (replacement for Darksky/Forecast)
  • Implemented: -nocache command line option (ask browser not to cache pages)
  • Fixed: Blinds percentage timers
  • Fixed: Chime structure check
  • Fixed: Counter day charts, better hourly bars and usage
  • Fixed: Device reordering when a room plan was selected
  • Fixed: Forecast button now displays a working forecast
  • Fixed: Install and update fixed for Raspberry Pi 4 with 32bit (armhf) userland
  • Fixed: Floorplan Percentage icon with custom icon
  • Fixed: Settings/Floorplan, Scene Names value was not saved
  • Changed: API: Old RType calls have been replaced with normal calls
  • Changed: MQTT-AD, better Unit calculation for scene/action devices
  • Changed: Debuglogging: setting debugflags automatically sets loglevel DEBUG
  • Updated: Plugin manager: ready for Python 3.11
  • Removed: native GoodWe hardware (use the new GoodWe python plugin instead)

Version 2023.1 (February 14 2023)

  • For a full overview visit: for details
  • Implemented: Accept JWT tokens as authentication and Authorization Bearer tokens (either from internal or external IAM service)
  • Implemented: Blinds, added option to schedule 0%
  • Implemented: dzVents, OpenURL PATCH method
  • Implemented: Enphase, redesign and added battery readings (Supports firmware V7)
  • Implemented: Internal OAuth2/OIDC IAM service supporting 4 different flows (OAuth2 (RFC6749), PKCE extension (RFC7636) and JWT Tokens (RFC7519))
  • Implemented: MQTT, added support for Lock status
  • Implemented: MQTT, added support for wildcards in discovery topics
  • Implemented: MQTT, climate preset mode
  • Implemented: New 'auth' debug flag to see IAM related messages
  • Implemented: Now 'Applications' can be registered to get secure access to Domoticz, see 'setup' menu (standard DomoticzUI app is registered by default)
  • Implemented: P1 Meter, added number of (long) power failures, voltage sags/swells
  • Implemented: describing the new/improved security setup
  • Implemented: Support for basic OpenID Connect Discovery ('https://<DOMOTICZURL>/.well-known/openid-configuration')
  • Implemented: Search option in Switches/Scenes/Temperature/Utility and Weather tab
  • Implemented: The Security realm can be configured using the 'vhostname' option (default
  • Implemented: Timer, Grid option for selected switches and thermostat. Big thanks to syrhus/labelette91580 and xbeaudouin
  • Implemented: User device selection now displays type/subtype
  • Changed: All security related setting are now in 1 settings tab
  • Changed: By default prompt for login to only allow secure access
  • Changed: Default 'admin' user is generated with standard password (see Users)
  • Changed: Dimmer, restores to previous Set Level state after Off
  • Changed: Implicit adding local IP to 'trusted networks' has been removed. Needs to be set explicitly for security reasons!
  • Changed: Lots of security related code cleanup and improvements
  • Changed: Menu option for 'Users' moved to main 'Setup' menu list
  • Changed: MQTT timeout increased to 2 minutes
  • Changed: The following proxy headers are now properly supported 'Forwarded' (RFC7239), 'X-Forwarder-For' and 'X-Real-IP' (in that order)
  • Changed: The secure server (HTTPS) sends proper CORS and Security headers
  • Fixed: Dashboard, scenes/lights hidden when this was disabled in user settings
  • Fixed: Dashboard, mobile display did not display P1 meter current return value correctly
  • Fixed: Dashboard, not showing disabled sections (temperature/weather/utility) when a device has multiple properties (for instance temperature + weather)
  • Fixed: Highcharts dropdown menu z-index problem
  • Fixed: Logout now returns 204 instead of 401
  • Fixed: Waterflow sensor custom icon
  • Fixed: Making sure Custom icons are valid (when someone manually edits the database)
  • Fixed: Mobile display text objects with long lines
  • Fixed: MQTT-AD Climate, fixed setpoint temperature display
  • Fixed: Navigation bar display issues on some mobile devices
  • Fixed: Setpoint popup when using protection

Version 2022.2 (November 5 2022)

  • Implemented: Blockly, added 'Toggle' set command
  • Implemented: Camera, camera Aspect Ratio
  • Implemented: Commandline option '-weblog <weblogfile>' which creates Apache Combined Logformat logs containg all webrequests
  • Implemented: Counters, support for larger counter values/usage
  • Implemented: Dashboard, temperature Trend indication
  • Implemented: Docker startup script (for instance to install additional packages)
  • Implemented: EcoDevices, complete support for EcoDevices RT2 with firmware 3.00.xx
  • Implemented: FritzBox, more statistics
  • Implemented: Fritzbox, up/download statistics
  • Implemented: MQTT Auto Discovery Protocol (Zigbee2MQTT/ Z-Wave JS UI)
  • Implemented: P1 Meter, added Current L1/L2/L3 sensor for delivered
  • Implemented: Philips Hue, support color change on some vendors bulb (like LIDL)
  • Implemented: RFXCom, added internal support for Novy Mood, Level Sensor
  • Implemented: SolarEdge, more sensors support
  • Implemented: UVI device, added multiply field to widget
  • Implemented: Xiaomi Gateway, new model for wired single key switch
  • Updated: Mercedes EV, new Token URL (changed November 2022)
  • Changed: All inverted Blinds types should not be used anymore, instead use the regular blinds and set the needed Reverse option
  • Changed: Blinds working (see
  • Changed: Energy devices have more precision
  • Changed: kWh devices MAX Power per phase from 10000 to 18400 (230V*80A)
  • Changed: P1 Meter, changed P1 Max W from 17250 (25A) to 55200 (80A)
  • Changed: P1 Meter, speed up CRC calculation
  • Changed: Webserver, removing AppCache, switching to service worker
  • Fixed: Blockly, keeping last dim level when switching OFF, option for Close state
  • Fixed: Counter incremental, counter in report (when used with meter offset)
  • Fixed: Counter short-term log 1 hour offset
  • Fixed: Counters, rounding (number of decimals) in GUI
  • Fixed: Crash when secure webserver could not start and applying settings
  • Fixed: Dimmer, better handling of last dimmer level when switching on/off
  • Fixed: EvoHome, correct state/mode for EvoHome type
  • Fixed: Floorplan, custom utility icons corrected in Floorplan
  • Fixed: Floorplan, fixed blinds state icon/switching
  • Fixed: Floorplan, making sure the Door Lock is switchable in the Floorplan
  • Fixed: Floorplans, fixed issues with the displaying of some icons
  • Fixed: Notification system, prevent double start
  • Fixed: P1 Meter, fix for Sibelga smart meters that use a too long string as an identifier
  • Fixed: RFXCom, corrected RFXCom solar sensor reading
  • Fixed: Temperature, corrected chill calculation
  • Fixed: WebGUI, making sure status does not wrap in mobile mode
  • Removed: AppCache
  • Deprecated: OpenZWave, please move to MQTT Auto Discovery and ZWave JS UI (Project stopped a long time ago!)

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-f921d56a34

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Thanks for the quick solution, works like a charm so far.

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