FEDORA-2023-f4f3990879 created by jamatos 8 months ago for Fedora 38

Update to the latest stable release:

  • Added support for using OPDS catalogs as data sources.
  • Added support for reading images from data urls.
  • Added support to save entry template config for custom collections.
  • New data sources for FilmAffinity, iTunes Search, and Gaming History were added.
  • Colnect can now be searched for comic books, sports cards, and video game results.
  • Screenshots were added to results from IGDB, MobyGames, and TheGamesDB.
  • The data sources for AMS Mathematical Review, Dark Horse Comics, KinoPoisk, and IBS were updated.
  • The label catalog number is an option for Discogs results.
  • Importing DataCrow files in exported XML format was added.
  • Collections can now be saved as empty template files, for later reuse.
  • New reports with an Image Grid and single entry per page were added.
  • A command-line option for importing PDF files was added.
  • An explicit filter rule for Bool fields was added.
  • Allowing regular expressions in the quick filter became an option.
  • A transparent background is now used in the initial view.
  • The https scheme is now supported for SRU sources.
  • The active filter is retained when selecting an entry.
  • Support for reading EPUB files with KFileMetaData was added.
  • The link color for entry templates can now be configured.
  • The SRU and z39.50 information for the US Library of Congress was updated.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-f4f3990879

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This update has been pushed to stable.

8 months ago

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