FEDORA-2023-dea802a9ab created by rhughes 7 months ago for Fedora 38

This release adds the following features:

  • Add a DP AUX device subclass and port the Synaptics MST plugin to it
  • Add a feature flag for non-generic requests where translations are required
  • Hide generic VID/PIDs to avoid accidental firmware matches
  • Optionally set the modem carrier configuration as the branch name
  • Rename 'fwupdmgr sync-bkc' to 'fwupdmgr sync' and also consider the branch
  • Require additional requirements for devices using non-OEM USB VIDs
  • Set the waiting-for-user status when sending a request
  • Support uSWID SBoM data with LZMA compressed payloads

This release fixes the following bugs:

  • Accept any registry versions when parsing Redfish message IDs
  • Do not read the AMDGPU DM DPCD on broken firmware versions
  • Do not save obsoleted HSI attributes into the history database
  • Fix a crash when some DRM devices are hotplugged
  • Fix a possible crash in fu_io_channel_read_raw()
  • Fix parsing LZMA-compressed EFI sections
  • Only use the architecture-specific GUID for UEFI dbx quirk matching
  • Parse all the type 42 SMBIOS tables
  • Prompt the user to reboot after applying internal Wacom firmware
  • Respect no-serial-number flags when using GUID matches
  • Use the etag when patching Redfish resources
  • Use the username and password to get metadata when set

This release adds support for the following hardware:

  • Kinetic SST/MST DisplayPort converters
  • Wacom Cintiq Pros (DTH172, DTH227)

This update has been submitted for testing by rhughes.

7 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'waiting'.

7 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'passed'.

7 months ago
User Icon imabug provided feedback 7 months ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

7 months ago
User Icon filiperosset commented & provided feedback 7 months ago

no regressions noted

This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

7 months ago

This update has been unpushed.

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