FEDORA-2023-dc3df4c2cb created by distrobuildsync-eln/ 6 months ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for gdb-13.1-5.eln126.

* Wed May  3 2023 Kevin Buettner <> 13.1-5
- Backport "Pass const frame_info_ptr reference for
  skip_[language_]trampoline". (Mark Wielaard, RHBZ 2192105, build/30413)
* Tue May  2 2023 Andrew Burgess <>
- Remove gdb-opcodes-clflushopt-test.patch.  This patch tests that GDB
  can disassemble the clflushopt instruction correctly.  Such
  disassembly is a feature of libopcode and is covered by the gas
  tests i386/x86-64-clflushopt.s and i386/clflushopt.s.  Lets remove
  this test from GDB and just rely on the gas tests instead.
* Sat Apr 29 2023 Kevin Buettner <>
- Remove gdb-6.7-charsign-test.patch. This patch originally contained
  some changes to GDB which were rejected by upstream maintainers.  All
  that remained was a testcase which had a number of failures due to
  the rest of the work not being present in GDB.
* Tue Apr 25 2023 Bruno Larsen <>
- Remove gdb-6.5-bz109921-DW_AT_decl_file-test.patch. That patch was
  only a test for basic DWARF-2 support, ensuring that GDB found a
  variable in a .h file; tests such as gdb.linespec/linespec.exp already
  tests for it.
* Mon Apr 24 2023 Bruno Larsen <>
- Remove gdb-6.5-last-address-space-byte-test.patch. It was used to
  test for a regression in target_xfer_memory, a function that has
  been removed from upstream back in 2006.
* Thu Apr 13 2023 Alexandra Hájková <>
- Remove gdb-6.3-bz140532-ppc-unwinding-test.patch, it adds
  powerpc-bcl-prologue.exp test which seems to be a subset of
  upstream powerpc-prologue.exp
* Tue Apr 11 2023 Keith Seitz
- Backport "Fix a potential illegal memory access in the BFD library..."
  (Nick Clifton, binutils/29988)

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