baresip-3.1.0-1.fc36 and libre-3.1.0-1.fc36

FEDORA-2023-a7b4d62441 created by robert a year ago for Fedora 36

Baresip v3.1.0 (2023-04-27)

  • config: add net_af config setting
  • gzrtp: RX thread - safe stop
  • ci: avoid hardcoded OpenSSL path on macOS
  • fix cmake modules
  • cmake/mqtt: fix MOSQUITTO_LIBRARY
  • mc: send module event whenever receiver is stopped
  • menu: limit early audio TX streams
  • call: check if SIP UPDATE is allowed, but always update local media
  • account: increase line handler size to 1024 characters
  • cmake: avoid include of /usr/local/include
  • call,audio: respect SDP media dir on audio start similar to video
  • video: refactor paced and burst sending
  • ctrl_dbus,ice,png_vf: Fix format string usage
  • menu limit early video
  • play: flush of the aubuf directly before the replay starts
  • stream: fix setting of RTP tos for IPv6
  • call: only flush audio stream when stream starts
  • menu: use busy tone when call declined (scode 603)
  • ua: incoming DTMF key=0 should be reported as DTMF end
  • video: fix possible 32bit overflow
  • ua: deref call on reset_transp fail
  • uag: avoid transport reset if local address has not changed
  • ci: add gcc-12 for Ubuntu 22.04 (ubuntu-latest)
  • docs: remove librem from README files

libre v3.1.0 (2023-04-27)

  • ci: bump mingw openssl to 3.1.0
  • thread: add cnd_timedwait()
  • Add tls and http apis for post handshake
  • ci/sanitizers: add multi thread testing
  • ci/win: use separate retest step
  • thread: fix pthread_setname_np thread pointer deref
  • ci: add FreeBSD test
  • cmake: bump minimum version of OpenSSL to 1.1.1
  • ci: avoid hardcoded OpenSSL path on macOS
  • sip,uri,test: Escape SIP URIs
  • udp: add a lock for the helpers list
  • rem/vidmix: add position index handling
  • aubuf: set auframe fields correct in read_auframe loop
  • list: refactor/optimize list_insert_sorted
  • ci/freebsd: remove openssl-devel
  • tmr: add tmr_continue()
  • ci,cmake: replace C99 check by strict C99 and C11 checks
  • atomic: Fix missing memory order arguments in MSVC atomic functions
  • thread: remove win32 SetThreadDescription

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-a7b4d62441

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