FEDORA-2023-89cfbcd45b created by heffer a year ago for Fedora 37
  • #575: BREAKING: For the "borgmatic borg" action, instead of implicitly injecting
    repository/archive into the resulting Borg command-line, pass repository to Borg via an
    environment variable and make archive available for explicit use in your commands. See the
    documentation for more information:
  • #719: Fix an error when running "borg key export" through borgmatic.
  • #720: Fix an error when dumping a database and the "exclude_nodump" option is set.
  • #724: Add "check_i_know_what_i_am_doing" option to bypass Borg confirmation prompt when running
    "check --repair".
  • When merging two configuration files, error gracefully if the two files do not adhere to the same
  • #721: Remove configuration sections ("location:", "storage:", "hooks:" etc.), while still keeping
    deprecated support for them. Now, all options are at the same level, and you don't need to worry
    about commenting/uncommenting section headers when you change an option (if you remove your
    sections first).
  • #721: BREAKING: The retention prefix and the consistency prefix can no longer have different
    values (unless one is not set).
  • #721: BREAKING: The storage umask and the hooks umask can no longer have different values (unless
    one is not set).
  • BREAKING: Flags like "--config" that previously took multiple values now need to be given once
    per value, e.g. "--config first.yaml --config second.yaml" instead of "--config first.yaml
    second.yaml". This prevents argument parsing errors on ambiguous commands.
  • BREAKING: Remove the deprecated (and silently ignored) "--successful" flag on the "list" action,
    as newer versions of Borg list successful (non-checkpoint) archives by default.
  • All deprecated configuration option values now generate warning logs.
  • Remove the deprecated (and non-functional) "--excludes" flag in favor of excludes within
  • Fix an error when logging too-long command output during error handling. Now, long command output
    is truncated before logging.

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-89cfbcd45b

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