FEDORA-2023-8435903f9a created by pbrobinson 4 months ago for Fedora 40

Automatic update for linux-firmware-20231030-1.fc40.

* Mon Oct 30 2023 Peter Robinson <> - 20231030-1
- Update to upstream 20231030 release
- Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth AX203/AX210/AX211/
- Update firmware file for Intel Bluetooth Magnetor AX101/AX201/AX211
- rtl_nic: update firmware of RTL8156B
- Update AMD cpu microcode
- amdgpu: update SMU 13.0.0 firmware
- add Amlogic bluetooth firmware
- i915: Add GuC v70.13.1 for DG2, TGL, ADL-P and MTL
- iwlwifi: add a missing FW from core80-39 release
- WHENCE: add symlink for BananaPi M64
- i915: Update MTL DMC to v2.17
- amdgpu: update various firmware from 5.7 branch
- iwlwifi: add FWs for new GL and MA device types with multiple RF modules
- amd_pmf: Add initial PMF TA for Smart PC Solution Builder
- Update FW files for MRVL PCIE 8997 chipsets
- rtl_bt: Update RTL8851B BT USB firmware to 0x048A_D230
- iwlwifi: add new FWs from core81-65 release
- iwlwifi: update cc/Qu/QuZ firmwares for core81-65 release
* Tue Oct 17 2023 Michel Lind <> - 20230919-4
- Create amd-ucode-firmware subpackage
* Mon Oct 16 2023 Michel Lind <> - 20230919-3
- Re-add recommended firmware accidentally dropped in -2
* Mon Oct  2 2023 Neal Gompa <> - 20230919-2
- Flip conditional to make weak-installing firmware the default

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-8435903f9a

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