baresip-3.7.0-1.fc40 and libre-3.7.0-1.fc40

FEDORA-2023-5cfc19fe1f created by robert 6 months ago for Fedora 40

Baresip v3.7.0 (2023-11-22)

  • test: call - add test_call_100rel_video
  • call: delay for the initial re-invite after call established
  • Implement OPTIONS ping
  • test: call - improve tests for call progress
  • call,event: add CALL_HOLD and CALL_RESUME events and fix call resume requests
  • stream: extract thread safe RTP receiver
  • test: call - count audio frames
  • main: add pre-proc switch avoids warning
  • rtprecv: fix possible rtprecv_metric null pointer deref
  • rtprecv: add NULL pointer checks
  • test: call - add call on-hold/resume test
  • test: activate RTP stats
  • test: call - more stable test_call_change_videodir
  • test: call - add 100rel test for audio
  • test: call - wait for ACK after SDP answer
  • test: call - remove unstable check
  • Debian version upgrade
  • cmake/modules: exclude ctrl_dbus from Darwin/macOS
  • ci: use macos-latest
  • config: fix/split config_print arg lengths
  • test/call.c: extend test_call_hold_resume
  • rtpstat: fix stream_metric_get_rx_n_err stream arg
  • test/ua: fix reg_dns size_t format
  • test/main: fix unused i if HAVE_GETOPT is not available
  • audio: fix inbound dtmf END event
  • video: check vidcodec argument in video_decoder_set()
  • gtk: close GTK on unsupported icon
  • stream: lock tx.pt_enc fixes sanitizer warning
  • avcodec: fix FFmpeg 6.1 AVframe key_frame deprecation
  • jbuf: fix memory leak in jbuf_debug()
  • jbuf: add NULL pointer check for mbuf

libre v3.7.0 (2023-11-22)

  • trace: add id handling
  • fmt/pl: add pl_alloc_str
  • ci/freebsd: limit runtime to 20 mins
  • Httpauth digest response
  • dialog: REVERT fix rtags of forking INVITE with 100rel
  • ice: AI_V4MAPPED doesn't exist on OpenBSD
  • test: call - add call on-hold/resume test
  • async: fix re_async_cancel mqueue handling
  • async: clear callback function pointer after use
  • Update Fix link in section Examples
  • ci/abi: bump version
  • rtp: make flag rtcp_mux atomic
  • cmake,udp: improve QOS_FLOWID and PQOS_FLOWID detection
  • types: extend RE_ARG to 32
  • sip/transp: add win32 local transport addr fallback
  • cmake/config: set HAVE_THREADS only if threads.h
  • ci/freebsd: update vmactions/freebsd-vm@v1
  • Coverity httpauth fixes
  • rem/aufile: fix aufile_get_length calculations

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-5cfc19fe1f

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