FEDORA-2023-3910a051d1 created by ahajkova 6 months ago for Fedora 39

Automatic update for gdb-13.2-1.fc39.

* Sun Jun 25 2023 Alexandra Hájková <> - 13.2
- Rebase to FSF GDB 13.22.
- Remove gdb-rhbz2177655-aarch64-pauth-valid-regcache.patch.
- Remove gdb-rhbz2183595-rustc-inside_main.patch.
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Python Maint <>
- Rebuilt for Python 3.12
* Tue Jun 13 2023 Python Maint <>
- Bootstrap for Python 3.12
* Sat May 20 2023 Andrew Burgess <>
- Remove gdb-lineno-makeup-test.patch.  An equivalent test has now
  been merged to upstream binutils-gdb in commit ef56b006501.
* Tue May 16 2023 Andrew Burgess <>
- Remove gdb-ccache-workaround.patch.  This patch works around
  problems when using older versions of ccache, however, upstream GDB
  now disables ccache during testing, see upstream commit 49b4de64242d.
* Tue May 16 2023 Andrew Burgess <>
- Remove gdb-ppc-power7-test.patch, this patch is already covered by
  upstream tests gdb.arch/powerpc-*.exp.
* Sat May  6 2023 Alexandra Hájková <>
- Remove gdb-rhel5.9-testcase-xlf-var-inside-mod.patch, the patch adds
  gdb.fortran/xlf-variable.exp test, the test can only be run on
  PPC64 machines which are not supported anymore.
* Thu May  4 2023 Kevin Buettner <>
- Fix C89-isms in gdb-6.6-buildid-locate-rpm.patch.  (Florian Weimer,
  RHBZ 2143992)'.  This change merely restores changes introduced by
  Keith's Nov 30 2022 commit, but which were inadvertently lost during
  the GDB 13.1 backport.
* Thu May  4 2023 Andrew Burgess <>
- Rewrite the changes to  If the user has set the
  GDB environment variable then use that value, otherwise find a
  suitable GDB executable by looking in various places.

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-3910a051d1

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