FEDORA-2023-205f954bab created by tdudlak a year ago for Fedora 38

upstream release update

Automatic update for mrack-1.13.1-4.fc38.

* Tue Feb 21 2023 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak@redhat.com> - 1.13.1-1
- 1421b37 fix(MrackConfig): Fix MrackConfig class properties (Tibor Dudlák)
* Fri Feb 17 2023 Tibor Dudlák <tdudlak@redhat.com> - 1.13.0-1
- 72cc2f3 test: add extra dnf options when dealing with rhel/epel 8 (Tibor Dudlák)
- 32a754b chore: set packit to sync changelog as well (Tibor Dudlák)
- b0512b4 chore: sync fedora spec to upstream to maintain changelog history for fedora (Tibor Dudlák)
- be7b50a chore: Generate proper changelog from commit history when releasing (Tibor Dudlák)
- 98f4035 chore: Bump python-semantic-release to latest (Tibor Dudlák)
- a0e76dd test(OpenStack): Fixup the network spread tests (Tibor Dudlák)
- 88b9332 test(OpenStack): rewrite network alloaction tests (Tibor Dudlák)
- 777862f feat(OpenStack): Provide a way to disable network spreading (Tibor Dudlák)
- ff7331d fix(OpenStack): fix condition for network to get in interval (Tibor Dudlák)
- 943316d fix: fqdn in name is ignored and mrack guesses the name instead #237 (Tibor Dudlák)
- 46141dc feat(AWS): Add utilization check method (Tibor Dudlák)
- bb80060 feat(OpenStack): Add utilization check method (Tibor Dudlák)
- 55f9c2c feat: Do not use same sleep for every mrack run (Tibor Dudlák)
- 6ce3927 test(AnsibleInventory): global level output values override (Tibor Dudlák)
- a7a896a feat(AnsibleInventory): Allow additional global level values (Tibor Dudlák)
- 91c562c feat(AnsibleInventory): Allow additional domain level ansible inventory values (Tibor Dudlák)
- 109b03c test(OpenStack): Update calls in openststack tests (Tibor Dudlák)
- 4467cc2 refactor(OpenStack): make private openstack methods truly private (Tibor Dudlák)
- 72b9b9c chore: use custom release_suffix for PR testing via packit (Petr Vobornik)
- f3f734a chore: disable pylint pre-commit hook (Petr Vobornik)
- 4aa9b0a chore(Packit): Add synchronization of tmt plans and tests (Tibor Dudlák)
- 02c3e01 chore(Packit): Configure users on whose actions packit is allowed to be run (Tibor Dudlák)
- cf14ed9 chore(Packit): Add missing ci.fmf to synced files (Tibor Dudlák)

This update has been submitted for testing by tdudlak.

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User Icon ebelko commented & provided feedback a year ago

Works for me.

This update has been submitted for stable by bodhi.

There is an ongoing freeze; this will be pushed to stable after the freeze is over.

a year ago

This update has obsoleted mrack-1.13.1-4.fc38, and has inherited its bugs and notes.

a year ago

This update has been obsoleted by mrack-1.14.0-1.fc38.

a year ago

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