FEDORA-2023-18a5873916 created by robert 6 months ago for Fedora 38

Prosody 0.12.3

Upstream is pleased to announce a new minor release from their stable branch.

This is a bugfix release for the stable 0.12 series. Most notably, it fixes a regression for SQL users introduced in 0.12.2, and a separate long-standing compatibility issue with archive stores on certain MySQL/MariaDB versions.

It also fixes an issue with websockets discovered by the Jitsi team, some issues with the internal HTTP client API, and upstream improved the accuracy of prosodyctl check dns in certain configurations.

Fixes and improvements

  • mod_storage_sql: Don’t avoid initialization under prosodyctl (fix mod_storage_sql changes breaking prosodyctl)
  • mod_storage_sql: Fix for breaking change in certain MySQL versions
  • prosodyctl check dns: Check for Direct TLS SRV records even if not configured

Minor changes

  • mod_websocket: Fire pre-session-close event (fixes: cleanly-closed sessions are hibernated by mod_smacks)
  • sessionmanager: Mark session as destroyed to prevent reentry
  • mod_admin_socket: Return error on unhandled input to prevent apparent freeze
  • configure: Fix quoting of $LUA_SUFFIX
  • net.http.parser: Improve handling of responses without content-length
  • net.http.parser: Fix off-by-one error in chunk parser
  • net.http.server: Add new API to get HTTP request from a connection
  • net.http.server: Fix double close of file handle in chunked mode with opportunistic writes
  • Close state on exit to fix saving shell history
  • mod_invites: Prefer landing page over xmpp URI in shell command
  • mod_muc_mam: Add mam#extended form fields
  • mod_muc_mam: Copy “include total” behavior from mod_mam
  • util.startup: Close state on exit to ensure GC finalizers are called

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-18a5873916

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