FEDORA-2023-0e8d98ea3e created by pbrobinson 11 months ago for Fedora 38

OpenConnect v9.12 (PGP signature) — 2023-05-20

Fix FreeBSD build and tests.
Add libopenconnect5.symbols file for Debian-style packaging (discussion).
Explicitly reject overly long tun device names.
Work around ambiguity between <json.h> from json-parser vs json-c (!476).
Fix symbol versioning for openconnect_set_sni().
Increase maximum input size from stdin (#579).
Ignore as NBNS address (!446, vpnc-scripts#58).
Fix Mac OS build of os-tcp-mtu tool (#612).
Send operating system information to Pulse servers (!481).

OpenConnect v9.11 (PGP signature) — 2023-05-17

Rebuild test suite certificate chains (which had expired: #609)
Fix stray (null) in URL path after Pulse authentication (4023bd95).
Fix config XML parsing mistake that left GlobalProtect ESP non-working in v9.10 (!475).
Fix case sensitivity in GPST header matching (!474).
Add external browser support for Windows ((#553).

OpenConnect v9.10 (PGP signature) — 2023-05-04

Fix external browser authentication with KDE plasma-nm < 5.26.
Always redirect stdout to stderr when spawning external browser.
Increase default queue length to 32 packets (#582).
Make the Wintun Layer 3 TUN driver the default on Windows (!427).
Add support for and bundle Wintun 0.14.1 (!294).
Fix receiving multiple packets in one TLS frame, and single packets split across multiple TLS frames, for Array (#435).
Fix ESP failures under Windows (#427).
Add list-system-keys tool to assist Windows/MacOS users in setup.
Handle idiosyncratic variation in search domain separators for all protocols (#433, #443, !388).
Support region selection field for Pulse authentication (!399).
Support modified configuration packet from Pulse 9.1R16 servers (#472, !401)
Allow hidden form fields to be populated or converted to text fields on the command line (#493, #489, !409)
Support yet another strange way of encoding challenge-based 2FA for GlobalProtect (#495, !411)
Add --sni option (and corresponding C and Java API functions) to allow domain-fronting connections in censored/filtered network environments (!297, !451).
Parrot a GlobalProtect server's software version, if present, as the client version (!333)
Fix NULL pointer dereference that has left Android builds broken since v8.20 (!389).
Fix Fortinet authentication bug where repeated SVPNCOOKIE causes segfaults (#514, !418).
Support F5 VPNs which encode authentication forms only in JSON, not in HTML (#512, !431).
Persist Windows installers for tagged builds (#463, !391).
Support simultaneous IPv6 and Legacy IP ("dual-stack") for Fortinet (#568, !456).
Support "FTM-push" token mode for Fortinet VPNs (#555, !450).
Send IPv6-compatible version string in Pulse IF/T session establishment, and avoid its ESP/IP version layering idiocy on newer servers (#506, !414)
Add --no-external-auth option to not advertise external-browser authentication, as a workaround for servers which behave differently when it is advertised (#470, !398)
Emulate MacOS-specific contents in the HIP report for GlobalProtect (!471).
Many small improvements in server response parsing, and better logging messages and documentation.

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2023-0e8d98ea3e

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Works great! LGTM! =)

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This update can be pushed to stable now if the maintainer wishes

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no regressions noted

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