FEDORA-2023-0a9fba3482 created by jakub 9 months ago for Fedora 39

Automatic update for gcc-13.1.1-3.fc39.

* Fri May 19 2023 Jakub Jelinek <jakub@redhat.com> 13.1.1-3
- update from releases/gcc-13 branch
  - PRs c++/80488, c++/83258, c++/97700, c++/103807, c++/109651, c++/109745,
    c++/109761, c++/109774, c++/109868, c++/109884, fortran/109641,
    fortran/109846, libstdc++/109816, libstdc++/109883, target/104338,

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9 months ago

Yesterday I successfully ran fedora-ci.koji-build.tier0.functional.

fedora-ci.koji-build.rpmdeplint.functional is giving me a hard time. Maybe I need bigger and bigger machines to run it, maybe there's a problem in the test itself. Still looking into it.

fedora-ci.koji-build.rpminspect.static-analysis shows the usual stuff, except for abidiff which reports some ABI differences.

partial progress in fedora-ci.koji-build.rpmdeplint.functional: x86_64 still not finished but aarch64 has completed with one conflict found:

Undeclared file conflicts: gcc-gdc-13.1.1-3.fc39.aarch64 provides /usr/share/man/man1/gdc.1.gz which is also provided by perl-WWW-GoodData-1.11-26.fc38.noarch

Completed fedora-ci.koji-build.rpmdeplint.functional on x86_64, took 8 hours on a quite beefy virtual machine. It found conflicts we already know: gcc.x86_64 conflicts with gcc.i686 libstdc++-docs.x86_64 conflicts with libstdc++-docs.i686

I'm going to ask the Ops for a longer timeout (currently 4 hours IIRC) but aside from that, we would profit from not producing gcc.i686 and libstdc++-docs.i686 in the first place (just filed - https://bugzilla.redhat.com/show_bug.cgi?id=2209678).

Just to summarize from the QE side:

I re-ran all the missing CI tests. No regression in them.

There are two issues reported by rpminspect though: * some symbols added to libgo.so and not referenced by debuginfo * symbols added to libstdc++.so Jakub, are those intended?

And is there anything else this erratums is waiting for?

TIA Vaclav

User Icon vkadlcik provided feedback 9 months ago

The libstdc++ additions are intentional, libstdc++ is symbol versioned and new symbols have been added to the latest symbol version. For go it feels like abidiff has issues with gccgo.

This update has been obsoleted by gcc-13.1.1-4.fc39.

8 months ago

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