FEDORA-2022-f9f9bc2d0c created by rathann a year ago for Fedora 35
  • More robust policy fetching
  • [Firefox] Fix regression causing file:// policy not to be correctly enforced sometimes
  • [nscl] Avoid unnecessary window patching
  • [nscl] Fix rare breakages due to xray cloning
  • Better fallback for failing syncMessage
  • [XSS] Simplified preemptive name sanitization
  • [L10n] Updated de
  • [XSS] Fix false positive warning when "name" is in the query string (thanks John Shield / DuckDuckGo for reporting)
  • [XSS] Faster invalidCharsRx initialization on Gecko 78 and above
  • [XSS] More resilient name handling
  • [nscl] Use HTTPS SyncMessage endpoint for Chromium too (works around lack of file access by default on packed extensions breaking NoScript)
  • Fallback to synchronous policy fetching if the document is already loaded (e.g. on updates)
  • [XSS] Interactive testing made a bit easier
  • [nscl] Mitigate side effects of dead objects on patched windows during extension updates
  • [XSS] Fix false positive on Microsoft authentication (thanks GrK and Hanna_Payne for reporting)
  • [nscl] Work-around for object element initialization inconsistencies on Firefox (thanks skriptimaahinen for reporting)
  • [L10n] Updated fr
  • Better support for service workers in unrestricted modes (thanks Mark McVeigh for reporting)
  • [nscl] Improved cross-frame auto-patching
  • [nscl] Updated SyncMessage fixes conflict with other content blockers (thanks gwarser, barbaz and Baraoic)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-f9f9bc2d0c

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