FEDORA-2022-e98b0d1a4f created by tdawson a year ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for crypto-policies-20220824-2.git2187e9c.eln121.

* Wed Aug 24 2022 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 20220824-2.git2187e9c
- revert premature Fedora 38 Rawhide SHA-1 "jump scare" until
  gets approved
* Wed Aug 24 2022 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 20220824-1.gitd4b71ab
- disable SHA-1 further for a Fedora 38 Rawhide "jump scare"
  as described at
  This change will be reverted for the branched-off Fedora 38,
  but never for Fedora 39.
  Thus the change will reach the users with Fedora 39 release.
  `update-crypto-policies --set FEDORA38` for the former, obsolete DEFAULT.
- openssh: control HostbasedAcceptedAlgorithms
  Systems having it set at /etc/ssh/sshd_config
  will have the value ignored and should instead configure it per-host.
* Mon Aug 15 2022 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 20220815-1.gite4ed860
- openssh: add RSAMinSize option following min_rsa_size
* Tue Aug  2 2022 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 20220802-1.gita99dfd2
- tests/java: fix
- docs: add customization recommendation
* Wed Jul 20 2022 Fedora Release Engineering <> - 20220428-3.gitdfb10ea
- Rebuilt for
* Fri Jul  8 2022 Jiri Vanek <> - 20220428-2.gitdfb10ea
- Rebuilt for Drop i686 JDKs
* Thu Apr 28 2022 Alexander Sosedkin <> - 20220428-1.gitdfb10ea
- policies: add FEDORA38 and TEST-FEDORA39
- fix condition of conflicting with openssl

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User Icon asosedkin commented & provided feedback a year ago

This is built from the wrong branch (rawhide instead of eln), please untag! The package is very very different between the branches, and this update, if it works at all, lowers the security of the system.

Possibly with openssh ELN build depending on non-existent-in-ELN-yet version of crypto-policies.

This was my fault for not looking at the ELN packages that have their own ELN branch. I have untagged this build from ELN.

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