baresip-2.9.0-1.fc36, libre-2.9.0-1.fc36, & 1 more

FEDORA-2022-e7e879dd51 created by robert 11 months ago for Fedora 36

Baresip 2.9.0 (2022-11-01)

  • sndfile: Filename includes strm->cname (i.e. call->local_uri) && strm->peer values (i.e. call->peer_uri) to derive source and destination of recorded call
  • log: optional timestamps
  • avcodec: remove H263 codec
  • mk: bump PROJECT_NUMBER in Doxyfile
  • stream: correct Doxygen for peer field
  • cmake: add pre version handling
  • cmake,debian: use dh-cmake
  • cmake: add pkgconfig
  • Avoid webrtc_aecm module C++20 extension warnings
  • cmake/ctrld_dbus: ninja and subdirectory fixes
  • cmake: link CMAKE_CURRENT_BINARY_DIR modules
  • cmake,debian: fix libbaresip dependency
  • cmake: set C only flags
  • FindPNG needs to find also include directory
  • FindVPX needs to find also include directory
  • Multicast send events on mcreg enable commands
  • call, menu: support display name for outgoing calls
  • call: hangup call on transp reset if necessary
  • portaudio: add mediadev_add with mediadev driver fields
  • call: fix mnat call_streams_alloc
  • jack: fix CodeQL uninitialized local variable
  • Avoid snapshot compiler warnings
  • avformat: remove old call to avcodec_register_all()
  • avformat: remove LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_MAJOR check
  • ua: wording for warning in ua_refer_send()
  • ua: use mbuf functions for ua_connect_dir
  • ci: use actions/checkout@v3
  • avcodec: remove av_packet_free() wrapper
  • selfview: create window in encode_update
  • alsa: use C11 threads
  • config: fix template for avcodec_xxx
  • avformat: use C11 threads
  • v4l2: use C11 threads
  • avcodec: remove LIBAVUTIL_VERSION_MAJOR check
  • multicast: use C11 threads
  • menu fix display name
  • account: do not complete dial URI if scheme is included
  • menu: simplify URI complete
  • gtk: use new function account_uri_complete_strdup()
  • Removed module avformat dependency on libpostproc
  • make: detect and add swscale module in
  • cmake: add APP_MODULES symlinks

librem v2.9.0 (2022-11-01)

  • cmake: add pre-release version handling
  • Update build instructions for cmake
  • aubuf: exclude non compatible CXX functions
  • auframe: skip level calculation if format is RAW
  • ci: use actions/checkout@v3
  • vidframe_draw_point: add NV12 and NV21 pixel format

libre v2.9.0 (2022-11-01)

  • cmake,make: bump version and set dev identifier
  • udp: remove udp_send_anon()
  • cmake: enable export symbols for backtrace
  • Update build instructions for cmake
  • cmake: improve kqueue and epoll detection
  • fs: add fs_stdio_hide() and fs_stdio_restore() helpers
  • json: remove unknown type warning
  • http: fix warning arguments
  • net_if_getlinklocal: use AF from input parameter
  • fmt: add str_itoa
  • SDP support for <proto> udp
  • tls: remove some warnings
  • fmt: add pl_trim functions
  • aes/openssl: remove obsolete version check
  • http: use str_dup() instead of unsafe strcpy()
  • doxygen: update comments
  • reg: remove obsolete void cast
  • Tls connect debug
  • mk: update doxygen file
  • ci: use actions/checkout@v3
  • tls: remove ifdef from public API
  • sip: sip_conncfg_set pass by reference
  • dnsc get conf and skip hash alloc without hash size changes
  • sdp/media: fix reorder codecs (restore old behavior)
  • list: fix list_flush head and tail
  • prepare 2.9.0

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-e7e879dd51

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