FEDORA-2022-e2b842086e created by hobbes1069 a year ago for Fedora 35

Version 4.1.21 * Maintenance release . many changes, refer to git log

APPLE PortAudio
  * add device index to device names to allow fldigi
    choice menu to discern amongst identical devices
    . i.e. multiple C-Media USB Audio Devices will
      possibly list as
      - C-Media USB Audio Device #3
      - C-Media USB Audio Device #5

Lion compilation
  * fix missing includes for mach_time.h in cw.cxx

IPC log report
  * change logging date report to date ON vice date OFF

xmlrpc methods
  * add new methods all data in ADIF 3.1.2 compliant format
    . logbook.last_record
    . logbook.all_records
  * add new methods as ADIF 3.1.2 compliant strings
    . modem.get_mode
    . modem.get_submode
  * add new date-time methods
    . log.get_time_on
    . log.get_date_on
    . log.get_time_off
    . log.get_date_off
    date-time correctly synchronized and in ZULU time

CW h/w weight
  * provide control to control keying weight for DTR/RTS

build m4 script
  * correction to m4 build script for libmbedtls test

trx fft
  * Add fft monitoring of transmitted signal

flrig poll
  * provide user configurable poll interval

  * update flrig cw/rtty code
  * update rigcat FSK code
    - separate all bit timing from main thread
    - adjust sleep method for OS-X performance
    - adjust sleep method for Windows OS
  * add missing FSK commport control initialization
  * update cwio DTR/RTS rigcat keying
    - replace bit timing with high resolution interval timer
    - deprecate timing compensation
    - test satisfactory on Linux, 5 to 100 WPM

log macro
  * fix parsing bug when a trailing <HS, <LOCK etc is in macro text

psk reporter
  * update to report generation logic

  * Build instructions, update link
  * operating multiple copies, fix --config-dir text

FFT Monitor update
  * Add complex signal processing to FFT usage

CW multi-channel
  * changed cw viewer multi-decoder filtering to use independent
    fir bandpass filter centered on 50 Hz intervals
    . out-of-band reject 60 dB between adjacent channels
  * add right click clears channel to cw viewer

PO translator recognition
  * Correct entry for Italian translator

fmt debug file
  * suppress writing fmt debug.csv file

IFKP Avatar
  * Fix crash when sending IFKP avatar

FSK keying
  * add ability to key xcvr in FSK using either
    . a DTR or RTS serial signal line (default RTS).
    . serial port can be shared with rigio or a separate port
  * SPACE always sent as LETTERS character
  * 100% functional on Linux including Pi3/4
  * 100% functional on on macOS 11.6, 10.13.6, and 10.7.5
  * 100% functional on Win-10
  * BUG - fixed excessive CPU usage while Tx without text (idle)
  * TIMING - tune timing loop for slow cpu's such as Pi3
  * update to accu_sleep
    . improved function performance
    . move accu_sleep to util.cxx
  * update to baudot generator
  * add flrig / FSK interface

xmlrpc QSY
  * add enable/disable QSY xmlrpc command for server

  * bug - do not change mode if comments do not contain
    a valid ADIF mode name
  * set correct mode based on dxline contents
  * qsy to rf/sweetspot for identified mode

Mode Parameters
  * save squelch settings by mode and reapply when
    mode selected: squelch value, squelch button
    . setting saved in file squelch_by_mode.prefs located
      in the fldigi main files folder.  prefs files are
      user editable text format which are read during
      program start up.
  * save and reapply AFC state by mode
  * save and reapply TX level attenuator by mode
  * initialize all values to current states on first
    execution, or when file mode_state.prefs is deleted.

MAPIT macro
  * force lat/lon specifier to use '.' and NOT ','
    Google maps will not accept the ',' decimal separator

Documentation update
  * add/update documentation for
    . Domino-EX Micro
    . OFDM modes
    . Thor Micro
    . Thor 25/50/100
    . 8 psk modes

Polish translation update
  * update to pl.po provided by Roman Baginski, SP4JEU

flarq using fix

  * Fix disconnect between fldigi and WinKeyer potentiometer
  * Change WK WPM char/space timing.
    . remove dependence on winkeyer echo
    . allow user to calibrate to a nominal WPM setting

KNWD cat keying

synop event reporting
  * changed default event reporting to VERBOSE to reduce event
    log noise for users not operating SYNOP

  * Add RsID end-of-transmission code sequence, 263
    . separately configurable notify dialog

MacOS Lion seg fault
  * Disallow static instantiation of cMorse class.
    . ALWAYS USE cMorse * instantiation.

using namespace std
  * deprecate usage.  conflicts caused by c++11 compiler
    when building 64 bit minGW target
    . remove all use of "using namespace std"
    . add explicit "std::" predecessor for every standard lib

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-e2b842086e

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