FEDORA-2022-c521a78c77 created by remi 11 months ago for Fedora 35

Version 2.11.0


  • 9356: Remove the composer/package-versions-deprecated package thanks to @derrabus
  • 9340: Use the readonly annotation thanks to @derrabus
  • 9319: Document LockMode enums thanks to @derrabus
  • 9316: Support readonly properties for read operations thanks to @derrabus
  • 9312: Leverage generic ObjectManagerDecorator thanks to @derrabus
  • 9275: Fix type errors in AbstractQuery and QueryBuilder thanks to @derrabus
  • 9274: Fix type errors in AnnotationDriver thanks to @derrabus
  • 9273: Fix docblocks on nullable EM properties thanks to @derrabus
  • 9271: Fix return types of cache interfaces thanks to @derrabus
  • 9203: Drop support for DBAL 3.1 thanks to @derrabus
  • 9202: Add SchemaIgnoreClasses property thanks to @simPod


  • 9355: Relax assertion to include null as possible outcome thanks to @derrabus


  • 9327: Added runtime deprecation to UnitOfWork::commit() and clear() thanks to @derrabus
  • 9309: [GH-9277] deprecate php driver thanks to @beberlei
  • 9249: Deprecate Setup::registerAutoloadDirectory() thanks to @derrabus
  • 9211: Add deprecation hints to orm:convert-mapping command thanks to @derrabus
  • 9206: Add missing deprecations for YAML metadata mapping thanks to @derrabus
  • 9074: Deprecate ensureProductionSettings() thanks to @derrabus
  • 9072: Deprecate AbstractHydrator::hydrateRow() thanks to @derrabus

New Feature

  • 9326: Add support for custom types with requireSQLConversion and ResultSetMappingBuilder::generateSelectClause() thanks to @kimhemsoe
  • 9304: Add support for PHP 8.1 enums. thanks to @beberlei
  • 9149: Detect enums and use type string (PHP 8.1 only) thanks to @Nek-
  • 9133: Adding a setup helper for attribute metadata config thanks to @judahnator

Deprecation, Improvement

  • 9325: Use EntityManagerInterface in type declarations thanks to @derrabus
  • 9322: PSR-6 second level cache thanks to @derrabus

Bug ,DQL

  • 9266: Improve compatibility with Doctrine DBAL 4 thanks to @morozov

DQL, New Feature

  • 9242: Allow arithmetic expressions within IN operator thanks to @webda2l

DQL, Improvement

  • 6476: Allow arithmetic expressions within IN operator thanks to @astepin

Version 2.10.5


  • 9339: Fix field mapping typing thanks to @greg0ire
  • 9285: Fix XML export for change-tracking-policy thanks to @Fedik
  • 9244: Put actual value instead of index inside $originalEntityData thanks to @Feolius


  • 9318: Document PHPUnit mocks with intersection types thanks to @derrabus

How to install

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-c521a78c77

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This update has been pushed to stable.

11 months ago

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