FEDORA-2022-b75ce23b76 created by heffer 2 years ago for Fedora 34

12.2 (2022-04-02)

  • Feature: Remember the last-used signal between games (#9792)
  • Change: [MacOS] Allow touchbar usage on all supported OS versions (#9776)
  • Change: Add a timestamp in name of crash files (#9761)
  • Fix #9736: Duplicate multiplayer window opens upon canceling password entry (#9842)
  • Fix: Removing long roads doesn't prioritise refusal of local authority over other errors (#9831)
  • Fix #9020: Glitchy station coverage highlight when changing selection (#9825)
  • Fix: Correct some Romanian town names (#9819)
  • Fix: Original music playback rate was slightly too fast (#9814)
  • Fix #9811: Use the NewGRF-defined vehicle center when dragging ships and aircraft (#9812)
  • Fix: Do not let shares in the company taking over another company disappear (#9808)
  • Fix #9802: Crash when using lots of NewGRF waypoint types (#9803)
  • Fix #9766: Don't write uninitialised data in config file (#9767)
  • Fix #9743: [MacOS] Don't try to render touchbar sprites with invalid zoom level (#9776)
  • Fix #9774: Building roadstop in estimation mode updates station acceptance (#9775)
  • Fix: If vehicles only refit to cargo-slots >= 32, the default cargo was wrong (#9744)
  • Fix #9735: Possible desync when replacing a depot on same tile (#9738)
  • Fix #9730: [Network] Connections can use an invalid socket due to a race condition (#9731)
  • Fix: Don't show sign edit window for GS-owned signs (#9716)
  • Fix #9702: Display order window for vehicle group on ctrl-click only when using shared orders (#9704)
  • Fix #9680: Crash when loading really old savegames with aircraft in certain places (#9699)
  • Fix: Update last servicing dates when using the date cheat (#9694)
  • Fix: Error message shows about missing glyphs while suitable fallback font is found (#9692)

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-b75ce23b76

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