FEDORA-2022-9731b0377a created by remi a year ago for Fedora 37

Redis 7.0.6 Released Mon Dec 12 12:00:00 IST 2022

Upgrade urgency: MODERATE, Contains fixes for a few non-critical or unlikely bugs, and some dramatic optimizations to Geo, EVAL, and Sorted sets commands.

Potentially Breaking Bug Fixes for new Redis 7.0 features

  • RM_ResetDataset module API should not clear the functions (#11268)
  • RM_Call module API used with the "C" flag to run scripts, would now cause the commands in the script to check ACL with the designated user (#10966)

Performance and resource utilization improvements

  • Geo commands speedups (#11535, #11522, #11552, #11579)
  • Fix EVAL command performance regression from Redis 7.0 (#11521, #11541)
  • Reduce EXPIRE commands performance regression from Redis 7.0 (#11602)
  • Optimize commands returning double values, mainly affecting zset commands (#11093)
  • Optimize Lua parsing of some command responses (#11556)
  • Optimize client memory usage tracking operation while client eviction is disabled (#11348)

Platform / toolchain support related improvements

  • Fix compilation on Solaris (#11327)

Module API changes

  • RM_SetContextUser, RM_SetModuleUserACLString, RM_GetModuleUserACLString (#10966)
  • Fix crash in CLIENT_CHANGE event, when the selected database is not 0 (#11500)

Changes in CLI tools

  • redis-benchmark avoid aborting on NOPERM from CONFIG GET (#11096)

Bug Fixes

  • Avoid hang of diskless replication fork child when parent crashes (#11463)
  • Fix crash with module API of list iterator and RM_ListDelete (#11383)
  • Fix TLS error handling to avoid connection drops on timeouts (#11563)
  • Fix runtime changes to cluster-announce-*-port to take effect on the local node too (#10745)
  • Fix sentinel function that compares hostnames if failed resolve (#11419)
  • Fix MIGRATE with AUTH set to "keys" is getting wrong key names leading to MOVED or ACL errors (#11253)

Fixes for issues in previous releases of Redis 7.0

  • Fix command line startup --sentinel problem (#11591)
  • Fis missing FCALL commands in monitor (#11510)
  • Fix CLUSTER SHARDS showing empty hostname (#11297)
  • Replica that asks for rdb-only could have missed the EOF and hang (#11296)

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