FEDORA-2022-71e21f203f created by rathann a year ago for Fedora 36
  • Fixed a script linking problem in games made with 3.6.0 alpha which used Button.Animate() with new parameters.
  • Fixed MP3 sounds not reporting their length properly.
  • Fixed sound clips not stopping by command if they had a crossfade enabled.
  • Fixed scheduled sound fadeout effect was not cancelled by skipping a cutscene.
  • Fixed false positive detection of a script hung in a do..while loop that could stop the game.
  • Added "multitasking" option to config in "[misc]" category, that defines the starting multitasking mode (may later be changed by SetMultitaskingMode in script).
  • Added stubs for agsshell plugin (a contemporary cross-platform variant of ags_shell).
  • Fixed characters switching to a wrong loop unnecessarily if a current walking directional loop does not have as many frames as the previous one (regression since
  • Fixed GUI controls don't update immediately when game translation changes.
  • Fixed saving of dynamic sprites and screenshots to a file (or a savegame).
  • Fixed certain OGG clips stuck in loading forever.
  • Fixed sound clips getting stuck in a playback state near the end if their size is a multiple of 65536.
  • Fixed some clips reporting a large negative number as their length (should report 0 instead if it cannot calculate one for whatever reason)
  • Fixed multitasking mode persisting if the game was switched from windowed to real fullscreen mode (even though it's not supposed to work in exclusive fullscreen).
  • Fixed Direct3D renderer not able to restore an exclusive fullscreen mode after switching out from the game window.
  • Fixed game not reacting to system close commands when stuck in script, which made it impossible to close the "hanging" game by usual means (other than terminating the process).
  • Fixed number of occasional crash cases on game exit.

How to install

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sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-71e21f203f

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