flocq-3.4.3-5.fc38, frama-c-25.0-3.fc38, & 38 more

FEDORA-2022-62aa3baf7a created by jjames a year ago for Fedora 38

Changes in ocaml-csv:

  • Rebuild for ocaml-lwt 5.6.1
  • Change License tag to SPDX
  • Trim BuildRequires
  • Use new OCaml macros

Changes in ocaml-curl 0.9.2: - CURLINFO_HTTP_VERSION (Rudi Grinberg) - CURLOPT_XFERINFOFUNCTION - alternative READFUNCTION2/WRITEFUNCTION2 with an ability to pause transfer - fix READFUNCTION deadlock on exception - CURLMOPT_MAX_TOTAL_CONNECTIONS (Nicolas Ojeda Bar) - configure: allow setting CURLCFLAGS, CURLLIBS, LIBCURL_VERSION (Nicolas Ojeda Bar) - CURLOPT_TCP_FASTOPEN (Daniel Woelfel) - Add support for MultiSSL mode (Nicolas Ojeda Bar) - CURLOPT_DOH_URL (Daniel Woelfel) - Curl.Multi.poll (Romain Beauxis) - CURLOPT_BUFFERSIZE (Daniel Woelfel) - CURLINFO_ACTIVESOCKET (Romain Beauxis) - Multi: more useful errors - Make it possible to add a name to a MIME part (Bertrand Bonnefoy-Claudet)

Changes in ocaml-lambda-term 3.2.0:

  • Add support for OCaml 5.00 (kit-ty-kate, #104)
  • The inputrc file has been moved from ~/.config/.lambda-term-inputrc to ~/.config/lambda-term-inputrc. The old location will still be accepted until the next major version (copy, #97)

Changes in ocaml-logs:

  • Rebuild for ocaml-lwt 5.6.1
  • Add patch to fix the tests

Changes in ocaml-lwt 5.6.1:

Changes in ocaml-ounit 2.2.6:

Changes in ocaml-ppxlib 0.27.0:

  • Update expansion context to leave out value name when multiple are defined at once. (#351, ceastlund)
  • Add support for OCaml 5.0 (#348, pitag-ha)
  • Add Code_path.enclosing_value (#349, ceastlund)
  • Add Code_path.enclosing_module (#346, ceastlund)
  • Expand code generated by ~enclose_intf and ~enclose_impl (#345, ceastlund)
  • Add type annotations to code generated by metaquot (#344, ceastlund)
  • Fix typo in description field of dune-project (#343, ceastlund)
  • Fix Ast_pattern.many (#333, nojb)
  • Fix quoter and optimize identifier quoting (#327, sim642)
  • Driver, when run with --check: Allow toplevel_printer attributes (#340, pitag-ha)
  • Documentation: Add a section on reporting errors by embedding extension nodes in the AST (#318, panglesd)
  • Driver: In the case of ppxlib internal errors, embed those errors instead of raising to return a meaningful AST (#329, panglesd)
  • API: For each function that could raise a located error, add a function that return a result instead (#329, panglesd)

Changes in ocaml-ppx-deriving-yojson 3.7.0:

  • Use ounit2 instead of ounit for the tests (#144) Marek Kubica
  • Update to ppxlib >= 0.26.0 (#142, #146) Sonja Heinze, Antonio Nuno Monteiro
  • Sanitize the ppx output to be able to use module names shadowing the modules from the standard library (#140) Simmo Saan
  • Reimplement map_bind to avoid stack overflows on js-of-ocaml (#138) P. Baudin
  • Add ppxlib as a direct dependency for ppx_deriving_yojson (#136) Hongchang Wu

Changes in ocaml-sedlex 3.0:

  • Dropped Stream api which was removed in 4.14.0 ahead of the 5.0 release.

These packages were rebuilt to fix build ordering issues with coq during the F37 mass rebuild:

  • flocq
  • gappalib-coq
  • ocaml-menhir
  • zenon

These packages were rebuilt with no significant changes due to the above:

  • frama-c
  • ocaml-bin-prot
  • ocaml-bisect-ppx
  • ocaml-logs
  • ocaml-lwt-log
  • ocaml-markup
  • ocaml-ppx-assert
  • ocaml-ppx-base
  • ocaml-ppx-cold
  • ocaml-ppx-compare
  • ocaml-ppx-custom-printf
  • ocaml-ppx-deriving
  • ocaml-ppx-enumerate
  • ocaml-ppx-expect
  • ocaml-ppx-fields-conv
  • ocaml-ppx-hash
  • ocaml-ppx-here
  • ocaml-ppx-import
  • ocaml-ppx-inline-test
  • ocaml-ppx-js-style
  • ocaml-ppx-let
  • ocaml-ppx-optcomp
  • ocaml-ppx-sexp-conv
  • ocaml-ppx-variants-conv
  • ocaml-time-now
  • ocaml-tyxml
  • utop
  • why3

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