darktable-4.0.1-4.fc37, efl-1.26.3-3.fc37, & 5 more

FEDORA-2022-5b019245ff created by eclipseo 11 months ago for Fedora 37

Update for new libavif

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'waiting'.

11 months ago

This update has been submitted for testing by bodhi.

11 months ago

This update's test gating status has been changed to 'ignored'.

11 months ago

This update has been pushed to testing.

11 months ago
User Icon thunderbirdtr commented & provided feedback 11 months ago

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-5b019245ff

Problem: problem with installed package kf5-kimageformats-5.99.0-2.fc37.x86_64 - package kf5-kimageformats-5.99.0-2.fc37.x86_64 requires libavif.so.14()(64bit), but none of the providers can be installed - cannot install both libavif-0.11.1-1.fc37.x86_64 and libavif-0.10.1-3.fc37.x86_64 - cannot install the best update candidate for package libavif-0.10.1-3.fc37.x86_64 ==================================================================================================================== Package Architecture Version Repository Size ==================================================================================================================== Upgrading: SDL2_image x86_64 2.6.1-3.fc37 updates-testing 103 k SDL2_image-devel x86_64 2.6.1-3.fc37 updates-testing 17 k Skipping packages with conflicts: (add '--best --allowerasing' to command line to force their upgrade): libavif x86_64 0.11.1-1.fc37 updates-testing 82 k

Transaction Summary

Upgrade 2 Packages Skip 1 Package

BZ#2134623 libavif-0.11.1 is available
User Icon adamwill commented & provided feedback 11 months ago

This update is actually kinda against the updates policy. Already after updates-testing activation we say "Maintainers SHOULD: Avoid ABI/API changes where possible. If unavoidable, use a side-tag to rebuild packages." OK, that's fairly weak and in practice API changes after u-t activation happen a lot. However, this update was submitted during Final freeze, and it doesn't fix a blocker or FE bug, so it cannot go stable till after release, and at that point the "Stable Releases" section applies, which says:

"ABI changes in general are very strongly discouraged, they force larger update sets on users and they make life difficult for third-party packagers."

You're really not supposed to change ABI in stable releases for no reason other than "there's a new version available".

User Icon adamwill commented & provided feedback 11 months ago

@thunderbirdtr 's error kinda implies that something requires kf5-kimageformats-5.99.0-2.fc37 and cannot be satisfied by kf5-kimageformats-5.99.0-4.fc37 , which would imply that whatever that thing is needs to be rebuilt and pulled into this update. We'd have to look at any difference in the provides: of those two builds, and what other packages depend on those provides:, to figure it out...

This update has been unpushed.

User Icon kalev commented & provided feedback 9 months ago

I did a libavif0.10 compat package to help get this one over the finish line and submitted it all again as https://bodhi.fedoraproject.org/updates/FEDORA-2022-c8eab6e6f1

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BZ#2134623 libavif-0.11.1 is available

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