FEDORA-2022-3544c7d20e created by remi 2 years ago for Fedora 34

Version 5.1.2

A flaw was identified in how phpMyAdmin processes two factor authentication; a user could potentially manipulate their account to bypass two factor authentication in subsequent authentication sessions (PMASA-2022-1).

A series of weaknesses was identified allowing a malicious user to submit malicious information to present an XSS or HTML injection attack in the graphical setup page (PMASA-2022-2).


  • issue Replaced MySQL documentation redirected links
  • issue #16960 Fix JS error on Designer visual builder on some modal buttons
  • issue Re-build openlayers JS dependency from the source files and provide a smaller JS bundle
  • issue Fixed imports and theme detection depending on the current working dir
  • issue Update JavaScript dependencies
  • issue #16935 Remove hardcoded row length for "$cfg['CharTextareaRows']" to allow back values < 7
  • issue #16977 Fix encoding of enum and set values on edit value
  • issue Fix set value as selected when it has special chars on edit value enum
  • issue #16896 Fix distinct URLs broken on nullable text fields
  • issue Fixed two possible PHP errors using INT data
  • issue Fixed possible warning "Undefined index: output_format" on export
  • issue Fixed warning "Undefined index: ods_recognize_percentages" on Import ODS
  • issue Fixed warning "Undefined array key "ods_recognize_currency" on Import ODS
  • issue #16982 Fixed "Notice: Undefined index: foreign_keys_data" on Designer remove relation
  • issue Backquote phpMyAdmin table name on internal relation delete query for Designer
  • issue #16982 Do not try to delete internal relations if they are not configured
  • issue #16982 Show success messages on Designer for add and remove relation operations
  • issue Fixed possible "Undefined index: clause_is_unique" on replace value in cell
  • issue #16991 Fixed case where $_SERVER['REQUEST_METHOD'] is undefined
  • issue Fixed configuration error handler registration
  • issue #16997 Fixed server variables get/set value not working on multi server server > 1
  • issue #16998 Fixed Multi table query submit on server > 1 logged out user
  • issue #17000 Fixed Multi edit on central columns on server > 1 logged out user
  • issue #17001 Fix PHP error on query submit without a table name on multi table query box
  • issue #16999 Fixed multi table query results shows for 1 sec and then page refreshes
  • issue Fixed a non translated button text on central columns add
  • issue Fixed table width on Query by example page for large screens
  • issue #16975 Fixed NULL default had a value on insert with datatime fields
  • issue #16994 Fixed missing privilege escaping when assigning multiple databases with '_' to an user
  • issue #16864 Fixed the margin on the last database of the tree on all themes when scrollbars are displayed
  • issue #17011 Fixed the database tree line that was not continuous on database groups
  • issue Build more syntax correct URLs on JS internal redirects
  • issue #16976 Fix wrong link when a table is moved from a database to another
  • issue #16985 Fix case-sensitive issue of innodb_file_format=barracuda vs innodb_file_format=Barracuda
  • issue Fixed duplicate quote in navigation nodes
  • issue #17006 Disable the URL limit for the MariaDB analyser feature
  • issue Fix calls to fetchRow using two parameters but the function has only one parameter
  • issue #17020 Fixed "Notice Undefined index: sql_query" on Insert page
  • issue Fix reported "Undefined index: FirstDayOfCalendar"
  • issue Fix reported "Undefined index: environment"
  • issue Fix "TypeError: strlen() expects parameter 1 to be string, null given" on databases listing
  • issue #16973 Fix "Undefined array key "n0_pos2_name"" on databases listing
  • issue Use the correct min MySQL version for axis-order (8.0.1) instead of (8.0.11)
  • issue Use the queries we asked the user confirmation for on DELETE and TRUNCATE table actions
  • issue #16994 Fixed editing specific privileges for a database covered by a wildcard privilege
  • issue #16994 Fixed escaping of the database name for databases containing '_' on users edit
  • issue #16994 Only escape once on grant/revoke privileges for databases containing '_' or '%'
  • issue #16994 Only show databases without a privilege on multi select for user grant databases
  • issue Removed un-expected query success message from the Table export page
  • issue #17026 Handle possible invalid boolean values injected in SaveDir or UploadDir causing "TypeError: mb_substr()"
  • issue #16981 Enable cookie parameter "SameSite" on "phpMyAdmin" cookie for PHP >= 7.3
  • issue #16966 Encode "#" to have the anchor part of the destination URL on SQL highlight terms URLs
  • issue #17004 Fix PHP errors due to removed variable "innodb_file_format" on MariaDB >= 10.6.0 and MySQL >= 8.0.0
  • issue #16842 Fixed missing password modes on PerconaDB
  • issue #16947 Fix "Change login information" form not working
  • issue #17004 Fix Advisor for MariaDB >= 10.5 because of removed "innodb_log_files_in_group" variable
  • issue #17037 Fix change structure does not surface errors
  • issue #17016 Fixed online Transaction, errors not reported on structure edit
  • issue #17042 Fix SQL escaping bug on DB name with special chars on submit query with rollback option
  • issue #17027 Better handle the display of sorted binary columns in results summary
  • issue #16398 Quote non numeric values on parameterized queries
  • issue Fixed duplicate HTML escaping on foreign keys select value modal
  • issue #15370 Fixed edit routine UI incorrectly removes too many escape slashes
  • issue #14631 Fix enum with comma produces incorrect search dropdown on search pages
  • issue Fix gis visualization position and limit parameters have no effect
  • issue #16995 Fix edit binary foreign key adds a 1 to the value on the selected value
  • issue #13614 Fixed escaping the database names when granting privileges on tables
  • issue #11834 Fixed adding a new user on "privileges" tab of a table with a database name using a "_" character
  • issue #17033 Fixed scaling of line width and point size in GIS visualization
  • issue #17054 Removed "DEL" character from generated random strings for Blowfish secret auto-generated by setup
  • issue #17019 Fixed "Browse" button visible when creating a table from the database structure view
  • issue #16804 Fixed numbers where left-aligned rather than right-aligned
  • issue Fixed Metro theme text color for buttons in the browse table navigation bar
  • issue #14796 Fix export Database page, UI prevents from exporting procedures only
  • issue #15225 Fix Command+click on macOS opens links in same tab
  • issue #17014 Fix column names in first row when importing from CSV where the first line contains column names
  • issue Fix prevent scrolling the page when scrolling in GIS visualization
  • issue Fix GIS visualization save file with a different label or column
  • issue Fixed GIS saving image as png with a label
  • issue Fixed if label is just the number zero, it was treated as no label in the OpenLayers map
  • issue #17039 Fix unable to have 2FA working with a "pmadb" config value != phpmyadmin
  • issue #17079 Fixed missing spatial functions in Insert/Edit page
  • issue Fixed broken docs link after a FK data type mismatch error
  • issue Fix don't add multiple OpenLayers maps, remove listeners on dispose on GIS visualization
  • issue #14502 Uncheck the "ignore" checkbox when the user chooses a value in the foreign key list on Insert page
  • issue #14502 Uncheck the "ignore" checkbox when the user saves the GIS value on Insert page
  • issue #17018 Fixed cannot save data from GIS editor for spatial column on Insert page
  • issue #17084 Fixed ErrorHandler not showing errors when phpMyAdmin session does not work at all
  • issue #17062 Fixed pagination issues when working with identically named tables in separate databases
  • issue #17046 Fix "Uncaught TypeError: htmlspecialchars() expects parameter 1 to be string, null given"
  • issue #16942 Fix table Import with CSV using LOAD DATA LOCAL causes error "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE is forbidden"
  • issue #16942 Fix auto-detection for "LOAD DATA LOCAL INFILE" LOCAL option
  • issue #16067 Make select elements with multiple items resizable
  • issue Fix the display of Indexes that use Expressions and not column names
  • issue Allow to create the phpMyAdmin storage database using a different name than "phpmyadmin" using the interface
  • issue #17092 Document that "$cfg['Servers'][$i]['designer_coords']" was removed in version 4.3.0
  • issue #16906 Support special table names for pmadb storage table names
  • issue #16906 Fix a caching effect on the feature list after creating the tables
  • issue #16906 Better report errors when creating the pmadb or it's tables
  • issue #16906 Create the pmadb tables using the names configured and not the default names
  • issue #16906 Create the phpMyAdmin storage database using the configured "['pmadb']" name and not always "phpmyadmin"
  • issue #16906 Prevent incorrect overriding of configured values after a pmadb fix
  • issue #16906 Use the control connection to create the storage database and tables and not the user connection
  • issue #16693 Fix can't see SQL after adding a new column
  • issue #12753 Show table structure after adding a new column
  • issue Fix a PHP notice when logging out
  • issue #17090 Fix bbcode not rendered for error messages on setup
  • issue #17198 Fix the database selection when the navigation tree is disabled
  • issue #17228 Fixed copy to clipboard with NULL values gives non usable text
  • issue #16746 Replace samyoul/u2f-php-server by code-lts/u2f-php-server
  • issue #16005 Performance improvement on the Import and Export pages
  • issue #17247 Fix triple HTML encoding
  • issue #17259 Fix broken link in the Simulate DML query modal
  • issue #16746 Update tcpdf dependency to ^6.4.4 for PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • issue #16746 Update twig dependency to "^2.14.9 || ^3.3.5" for PHP 8.1 compatibility
  • issue [security] Add configuration directive $cfg['Servers'][$i]['hide_connection_errors'] to allow hiding host names and other error details when login fails
  • issue [security] Add configuration directive $cfg['URLQueryEncryption'] to allow encrypting senstive information in the URL
  • issue [security] Fix a scenario where an authenticated user can disable two factor authentication (PMASA-2022-1)
  • issue [security] Fix XSS and HTML injection attacks in the graphical setup page (PMASA-2022-2)

Packaging changes:

  • the package now provides all dependencies bundled.

How to install

Updates may require up to 24 hours to propagate to mirrors. If the following command doesn't work, please retry later:

sudo dnf upgrade --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2022-3544c7d20e

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BZ#2045578 CVE-2022-23807 phpMyAdmin: two-factor authentication bypass
BZ#2045579 CVE-2022-23807 phpMyAdmin: two-factor authentication bypass [fedora-all]
BZ#2045582 CVE-2022-23808 phpMyAdmin: multiple XSS and HTML injection attacks in setup script
BZ#2045583 CVE-2022-23808 phpMyAdmin: multiple XSS and HTML injection attacks in setup script [fedora-all]

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