FEDORA-2022-1b504705b6 created by distrobuildsync-eln/ a year ago for Fedora ELN

Automatic update for selinux-policy-38.2-1.eln124.

* Tue Dec  6 2022 Zdenek Pytela <> - 38.2-1
- Don't make kernel_t an unconfined domain
- Don't allow kernel_t to execute bin_t/usr_t binaries without a transition
- Allow kernel_t to execute systemctl to do a poweroff/reboot
- Grant basic permissions to the domain created by systemd_systemctl_domain()
- Allow kernel_t to request module loading
- Allow kernel_t to do compute_create
- Allow kernel_t to manage perf events
- Grant almost all capabilities to kernel_t
- Allow kernel_t to fully manage all devices
- Revert "In domain_transition_pattern there is no permission allowing caller domain to execu_no_trans on entrypoint, this patch fixing this issue"
- Allow pulseaudio to write to session_dbusd tmp socket files
- Allow systemd and unconfined_domain_type create user_namespace
- Add the user_namespace security class
- Reuse tmpfs_t also for the ramfs filesystem
- Label udf tools with fsadm_exec_t
- Allow networkmanager_dispatcher_plugin work with nscd
- Watch_sb all file type directories.
- Allow spamc read hardware state information files
- Allow sysadm read ipmi devices
- Allow insights client communicate with cupsd, mysqld, openvswitch, redis
- Allow insights client read raw memory devices
- Allow the spamd_update_t domain get generic filesystem attributes
- Dontaudit systemd-gpt-generator the sys_admin capability
- Allow ipsec_t only read tpm devices
- Allow cups-pdf connect to the system log service
- Allow postfix/smtpd read kerberos key table
- Allow syslogd read network sysctls
- Allow cdcc mmap dcc-client-map files
- Add watch and watch_sb dosfs interface

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